Friday, December 28, 2012

Just feed him when you can.

I spent much of the fall season running short faster 2-4 mile tempos.  At Thanksgiving I went back to PA and entered a 10k to see how I would fair.  It was a cool day in the mid 20s and I got ready to do battle against another 156 hearty souls.  I went out conservative and was in the lead for a couple minutes before 4 people went ahead.  A couple young guys took the lead and I worked back up to third position and through the mile in 6:12.  The first guy was way out there and didn't look like he was working too hard, but the second one was only maintaining a 30 yard lead on me.  I decided to work the downhill and uphill and caught him at 2 in 12:05.  I went past him and he countered.  We got to a flat section and I opened it up a bit to see what he had and opened 20 yards on him at 3 in 18:00.  I felt okay, but knew I had to push through a windy section and probably gained another 15-20 yards to get through 4 in 24:09.  I maintained through 5 where you make a left hand turn towards the finish in 30:18.  I peaked back and saw a couple guys coming so I laid out what I had so as not to make it interesting.  I know you finish on the track and I was determined to finish strong and did in 37:32 for 2nd.
Gobbler's Gallop

Gobbler's Gallop

Runners warm up in the cold for the 17th annual Gobbler’s Gallop on Thursday.

After a few easy weeks I'm back to my normal hobby jogging in anticipation for the upcoming Ice Age 50 mile.