Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TV party tonight!

Well another Al's Run has came and went and I am glad to report we won the Corporate team event out of 44 teams.  Some pretty solid efforts as everyone did what was needed.  I broke 30...barely with a 29:58 and had to get on the gas the last half.  The question is...what's next and I have no idea.  Want to get back over 50 miles a week.  Really enjoying running now.  Work has taken away most of my free weekly time with more travel, but I look forward to getting to bed early and hitting the bricks for an AM run with Jamie and his son Nate.  The dogs provide some humor as well.  Mentioned to Brother Grub I will entertain the idea of doing the Kettle 100 as an ultra hobby jog.  I think I am slowly getting to where I want to be.  Run what I want to, race an occasional fast one, and only commit to about 6 weeks of specific training for Ice Age.

I've been sleeping more.  It makes a big difference in life.  Watch little TV.  Even sporting events aren't that appealing.  Ahhhh...the life of a running bum.  It's not too bad.  Not bad at all.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Last 5k tune-up on the track this morning before Al's next Saturday.  Because of last weeks good result I tend to hedge a bit.  I hate to say it, but I ran by "feel" the first 1600m and went through in 5:53.  I figured no biggie just keep doing that, but the second 1600m was 5:59 which meant I better crack it down if I wanted to get ahead of last week.  Third 1600m in 5:50 and it was work, but I had enough to finish the last 200m in 37 which is good for me.  Final result was 18:19, so under race conditions at an 8k I should be capable of around 29:35 - 29:40.  I may do a 1600m on Tuesday at near 5:40 just to air it out a bit.  I used to do a 3200m at race pace, but need a confidence booster.  It would not surprise me if I went through the first mile at Al's in 5:40, but woulf prefer a 5:45.  You just don't know on race day because you see everyone flying out there and it is tough not to get carried away.  I'd like to get through 4 miles at 24:00 and put the hammer down, but everyone knows it's harder to do on race day then on the day your typing it in the computer.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Into the shadows

Darkness.  You can already see it coming as an early AM runner.  Like the old grizzled veteran Clement Grum said about AM running, "It's like you cheated the day."  It does kind of feel like that.  Come home from work and you are D-O-N-E.  Crank up the air and break out the iced tea Braaaaaah.

2 mile this morning for a tune-up.  Out in 5:58 and finished with a 5:46.  I worked, but again not as hard as I had to last year.  Another 5k on the track Saturday and possibly another 2 mile next Tuesday at 6:00 pace.  I'm starting to like this...because it is different, easier, and takes less time.  I ran 12.2 last Wednesday morning and that was my longest run since Ice Age.  Most other days are hobby jogging of 8:30 - 10:00 pace.  I know I can bring the mail.  I don't have to prove to myself everyday I can do it.  Actually thinking of signing up for the Discovery Run 15k.  Think I'll bolster up to 55ish a week for a month and give it a go.

Looking forward to participating with Jeff Mallach on his good will running tour.  I have some notes about what to talk to, but I'm sure it will turn into complete rambling about crap Jeff and I have learned over the years.  After all, that is all running is about.  Lacing em' up and seeing what happens.  It is fun to see people get excited about basic traing and racing.  Should be fun.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

2 mile lightning

That's what you called in when you lit it up the first couple miles in the day.  Now-a-days it's all about pace control...at least for me.

Two weeks to Al's (8k) and I ventured to the track for the first time this season for a 5k pace run.
Last year I ran an 18:26.  I went out well today, but somewhat under control.  I can just sense what 6 pace is.  First 1600m in 5:57 and feeling okay.  Tried to stick with the pace, looking at the watch every 800m.  Through the next 1600m in another 5:57 and felt much better at this point compared to last year.  I moved on and it wasn't to the last 3 laps that it started to become hard work.  That's about 2 - 2.5 laps ahead of how I felt last yeat.  Third 1600m in 5:51 and ran the last 200m in :38 for a 18:23 run.  I'll put that in the bank, the calculator said it was 5:55 a mile pace.

Going to continue with a few more pace runs, rest and hopefully do a bit better than last year at Al's.
I've been primarily doing 4 mile tempos twice a week at 6:40s to 7:10 at about 80% effort.  It seems to have paid off.  I did three treadmill run of about 2.5 miles at 5:55 - 6:05 so I had the feeling I could do what I did today.  I'm about 175 lbs., so if I can get to 170 I should be good to go.