Saturday, October 27, 2012

Feed your head

It is nice running when your not tired all the time.  When I think about it, a decade of doing the long one on the weekend just grew old.  Two hours is doable.  Did 2 hours today and probably will do 2 again tomorrow.  probably wait til January to ramp up a bit.  I assisted the Maestro on an Ultra Intro last month and I will be the wing man twice more before the end of the year.  Jeff is real good and I just ramble.  Hope to get better traction next time.

It is fun having people come up after to chat a bit about themselves and ask questions.  They ask me stuff I have no idea on, but I render a reply anyway.  When hydration comes up I often wonder why the need is felt to really change much before a race.  If you drink too much the night before and the morning of you still have to run it through the system.  I just think it takes some of the stuff you'd like to have with it.

The 50k is a good place to start for beginners.  I struggle when people let me know half their workouts are weights, biking, yoga, swimming...etc.  That is all good and I am sure there is tangible benefit.  I just think if more of the time was spent running it would be a more enjoyable/doable effort.

Kind of looking forward to running with Old Ron Bero this winter.  The Flemish Flash seems to be heading out towards the same path I'm looking for.  Not the one to the pasture just yet. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

IP Man

My son and I watched this martial arts movie and I rather enjoyed it.  It brought back memories of discussions I had with a friend who has practiced for years.  I was intrigued by the mental and physical training and saw many similarities between what he did and running.  He did as well and I enjoyed those discussions.  The movie got me to thinking again as a runner this is my art.  I have and will practice this as long as I can because it is way beyond just doing it to keep in shape.  Though competing does not hold as much as importance as it once did, I still find myself doing it because I want to get better.  Though I often jog around at 9 pace I find my schedule has morphed into a solid platform for me.  I run hard over short distances twice a week just for the shear enjoyment of running faster and then really spend the rest of the week running getting a few easy miles in.  I told Mallach several weeks ago that I have been enjoying running now as much as any time in my life.