Saturday, October 13, 2012

IP Man

My son and I watched this martial arts movie and I rather enjoyed it.  It brought back memories of discussions I had with a friend who has practiced for years.  I was intrigued by the mental and physical training and saw many similarities between what he did and running.  He did as well and I enjoyed those discussions.  The movie got me to thinking again as a runner this is my art.  I have and will practice this as long as I can because it is way beyond just doing it to keep in shape.  Though competing does not hold as much as importance as it once did, I still find myself doing it because I want to get better.  Though I often jog around at 9 pace I find my schedule has morphed into a solid platform for me.  I run hard over short distances twice a week just for the shear enjoyment of running faster and then really spend the rest of the week running getting a few easy miles in.  I told Mallach several weeks ago that I have been enjoying running now as much as any time in my life. 

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