Saturday, February 9, 2013

Woke out of bed

It's quarter to 10 in the evening and I just lost my third straight game of Scrabble to the computer.  I wanted to get to bed earlier, but old habits die hard.  I get the coffee ready for tomorrow morning and crawl into bed to listen to the soothing voice of Bill O'Reilly.  I'm sure it is common in Waukesha County.  I say my prayers rather hurriedly because I want to start thinking about running.  I run training ideas past myself as if they were fresh ideas of my own.  The alarm goes off this Wednesday morning as 4:56 am and it takes me 10 minutes to drag myself out of bed.  I take my meds first thing, let the dog out, and pour my first of 2-3 cups of black joe.  I have ESPN on and catch up on the Lakers as if I have a choice.  During a commercial break I go online an check the current weather to see if the dog is able to go with me.  Down in the basement I grab what I need to wear for the day and start strapping it on.  I should probably wash this I say to myself, but it will have to wait for the weekend.  At 5:41 am I leave to run to Jamie's house where he and his border collie Rosie roll out just in time.  The hard part is complete, now I can concentrate on running.  We roll West on the Drumlin this day into the wind and say little as the big election is over.  Some days we rap, other days we just get it in.  It makes no difference to us...we are running bums...and the damn dogs are addicted.

I cheated the day.  Victory was mine.  The run is in the bank.