Saturday, April 13, 2013

You know your semi-good looking

Never a big VH fan, but isn't it odd when you hear songs from when you were younger you kind of groove to them?  Yes even KC & The Sunshine Band.

Rocket Ronnie Bero and I did the 35 mile build-up run a week early.  I just wanted a day without rain and the trails were in excellent shape.  I was surprised how it just clicked by.  I'm tired, but we ran well.  Now I either have a week more to recover from this distance or sneak in another semi-long one next week if weather okay.  It was cool and I believe this helped us.  Plus I ate more than usual and it seemed to help.  I only drank about 110 ounces during the run.

Saw Craig, Kevin R., LaDonna, Mary, Brenda, Chris R., Joel, his brother Tim and one or two other hobby joggers out there.  There is nothing green out there and Ice Age is 4 weeks away.  Big difference from last year. 

Pork sandwiches never tasted so well.