Sunday, January 22, 2017

60F in January

Been powering through a few states for work.  Was in Berea, OH for a meeting.  Home of Baldwin Wallace University.  Harrison Dillard is an alumni.  Won a total of 4 gold medals.  Guy is still around at age 93.  Bud Collins the tennis guy from there as well.  Passed last year as 86.  My niece played basketball there.  Got a chance to see a few games.  Nice little Midwest town.

I traveled over to Western Pennsylvania from there to see Mom.  I was also able to cruise down to the Burgh with my brother and sister.  Steeler gear everywhere.  We had a relative who played 4 sports at Pitt and coached at a little school called Duke.

I took my Mom up to Parker, Pa (the smallest city in the USA) to see my Aunt Myrna and my cousin Gail was able to come over.  It was nice catching up.  We talked track a bit.  That kid that throws the shot from Knoch HS (school near there) threw 76-6!  He also broke the 16lb. HS world record with a throw of 64-51/2.  My cousin told me her oldest daughter broke her high jump school record after 33 years.  Then, three years later her youngest daughter bested that.  Not thinking anything other than this, the person who sends the results to the paper noted this in the margins.  Suddenly over the next week people called to get more of the story.  That would be cool.

1/9 = Off
1/10 = AM 4.5 (10:14) WI
1/10 = PM 5.5 w/ 5k @ 7:13 pace on T-mill MN
1/11 = AM 5.0 (10:32) MN
1/12 = AM 4.0 w/ 2.0 @ 6:53 pace on T-mill MN
1/12 = PM 6.5 (10:08) MN
1/13 = Off
1/14 =  AM 14.3 (9:22) WI
1/15 = AM 10.2 (9:48) WI
Total = 50.0 miles

1/16 = Off
1/17 = PM 6.0 w/ 4.0 @ 7:13 pace on T-mill OH
1/18 = AM 7.0 (9:00) OH
1/18 = PM 5.0 (8:50) T-mill OH
1/19 = AM 6.5 (9:50) PA
1/20 = AM 7.1 (9:16) PA
1/21 = AM 15.1 (9:18) PA
1/22 = Off
Total = 46.7 miles

Heading to Brownsville, TX this week.  Never been there.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Black Coffee

Another year in the books and I finished with 2,403.8 miles for the year.  Not bad.  Went and ran the 3 days of Syllamo for the second year in a row.  It was brutal.  I ran 12:40:23 for the 50 mile the second day and was completely trashed.  To make matters worst I got lost the last day and turned the 20k into an 18 miler, but I finished.  It was one of the harder things I have done and thanks to Robert and Steve for taking care of me and encouraging me.  Not long after our Minooka group (Clem, Andy, Dean, Andrea & myself) ran the Boston Marathon together.  A really big adventure and fun to share with family.  I didn't have too much in the way of expectations for Ice Age, but did get my 15th finish in 8:30.  I then went on to train for Al's run 8k and completely bombed.  After that about 3 weeks later I ran the Glacial 50k with Steve and just enjoyed the run.  Looking back, Ice Age was my best event for the year.

Here is the top ten list (out of 32) of who I ran with in 2016 and the primary running locations:

1. Dewey = 45 (Menomonee Park)
2. Tim = 37 (Menomonee Park)
3. Robert = 14 (Menomonee Park)
4. Dean = 12 (Minooka)
4. Andrea = 12 (Minooka)
6. Clem = 9 (Minooka)
6. Emily = 9 (Lake Country) (Daughter)
6. Christine = 9 (Fox River)
9. Andy = 8 (Minooka)
10. Bero = 7 (Funk Road)

I have really enjoyed the down/slow time from work.  Like most I have a few pounds to shed, but I am really looking forward hitting the training again.  Perhaps I will get the chance to post more in 2017.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Dave's not here

So any way it has occurred to me that in 2009 I came up with a basic training philosophy for Ice Age.  Run consistently, run easy, and the last couple months prior do the usual long runs and throw in a hodgepodge of hill workouts to simulate the kettle.  Ah...memories.  Having had physical problems in '05, '06, and '07, I was pumped to have finally found I could run again.  Well, I pushed it too much and developed a stress fracture which means I had to skip Ice Age in '08.  I just made up my mind I was happy to run again and that is basically what I did.  I specifically remember people asking me before the '09 Ice Age race what the plan was.  There was no plan.  Just go out like it was a training run and hold the pace as long as I could.  That's exactly the way it went down and I was blown away I ran it in 7:20.  I was 47 years old.

Fast forward 8 years and as I'm looking at Ice Age 20 weeks away I'm starting to dial down my plan so I can have a shot at breaking 7:50.  Not sure why I picked this number, but that is what I honestly believe I could accomplish on a good day.  It is also a very challenging goal for me which has appeal.  I guess it wasn't enough to say break 8 hours, I had to up the ante a bit.  I also was calculating road pace, trail pace, race pace, and phantom pace on one of my runs and figured averaging 9:20 pace (7:46:40) was a good mean average over the course.

Why don't I just lay over a training plan based off what happened 8 years ago?  This isn't some fairy tale program from a book it is me.  Now granted I'm 8 years older, but back then I only ran.  I paid no attention to anything else like weight, diet, stretching, etc.  I can rebuild me...or make a few better choices and perhaps I can achieve my goal.  So, 20 weeks out I have started to lay over the weeks.  I had no way of knowing then, but I was coaching myself for the future.  Thanks coach!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

I know you Dude

After further review the path has been determined for Ice Age.  As most of us are self coached, it is common to consult others and read the volumes of printed material.  Can an unbiased methodology be constructed?  What other specific tasks can be undertaken to increase the mothership's ability to have a safe voyage?  Obviously an ultra marathon of 50 miles will require volume and long runs.  Activities outside of running have never played a part (biking, stretching, weights, yoga, etc.) in the construct.  However one overlooked item...weight reduction, did assist in last years Lakefront Marathon result.  Leaner was truly wiser.

Honesty with oneself is a good thing.  Honesty from friends is even better.  Again, I speak truly in terms of the art of running an excellent Ice Age.  Maybe that sounds corny, but that's is what this is about.  What is there to consider and what path(s) should be taken?

1. I have averaged 50 miles a week the past 3 years.  Conclusion - I am aerobically fit right now.  Focus on strength and try to become faster.

2. I have been treated (successfully) for Polycythemia Vera for almost 15 years.  Conclusion - We work hard to keep my hematocrit at 45%.  There are other compromises, but this means my blood's ability to carry oxygen is probably not lacking.  Therefore focus on strength, getting faster, and performing the long runs only as needed.

3. Male, 5'11" and 176.5 pounds.  Graduated HS at 148.  Freshman college 151, Senior college 165,
Competitive years 2000 - 2005 172-173.  Outlier was Boston 2002 at 162 (55 a week, large volumes of intensity, PR'd at 40 years old with a 2:40:56).  Conclusion - Get off the hot fudge and mashed potato diet and run leaner.

I'll continue these thoughts later.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Another Lost Angel

Ice Age fever has struck the Dehart household earlier than normal.  I hate to admit, but I have already began to train in earnest, create my who to beat wish list, and scrubbed some time forecasts together.  I don't get too excited about any hard workouts at this point.  The plan is pretty straight forward.  Pile up a bunch of bumming around miles and then by the end of February come swinging out of the trees.  As much as I love this race, history shows that I have only targeted this race twice.  The very first one I ran in 2000 and again in 2009 when I made my quazi comeback.  Usually I have another race or two on the schedule in early spring, but not this year.  That is the plan...for now anyway.

I'll run just for the sake of running.  I have no problem getting out the door now-a-days just as long as the miles are at a pedestrian rate.  I know people have a wide view on how you construct your weekly/monthly miles.  I know all the formulas and what "junk" miles are.  I am aware of the benefit of rest.  Yet there is something magical that can happen when you get up above the tree line.  If one can construct that massive aerobic engine (the big engine) the possibilities are then there.  Look at Ed Whitlock for example.  This guy is in his 80's and is still crushing it.

Now I am no Ed Whitlock, but it almost seems a shame one can get so motivated about a race such as Ice Age and not put together a plan to go crush one.  The desire in part is connected to the realization that this does eventually end.  I'm in the 55-59 age group.  The next one is 60-64 and let's take a look at the total finishers by age 60 and over in 2016:

60 - 6
61 - 2
62 - 1
63 - 1
64 - 1
65 - 2
66 - 0
67 - 1
68 - 2

Total - 16

Due to economic concerns, the light at the end of the tunnel has been shut off.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Number 9

Trying to make last minute preparations for Al's run.  I made the decision a couple weeks back there was no way to functionally train for the Glacial Trail 50 mile on October 9th and Al's for September 17th.  Besides, I was just too tired to try and keep the mileage between 50-60, get the long trail run in, and attempt shorter type speed sessions.  So after thinking about it a bit I can to the conclusion, "who cares."  Woody will still love me like a brother regardless of any outcome.  With this wisdom I then figured I would much rather try and sharpen for Al's and let the 50 mile just happen. 

I will say after a couple low mileage weeks my countenance has come around and I feel a bit chipper.  I do wish I would have started the faster stuff 2-3 weeks earlier, but it is what it is.  It is taking a lot more time to bring the ship around.  I feel like I'm motoring (P-funking), but the swatch don't lie.  Some of the changes I've made may have an impact on how I train for the future.  Looking to still run about every day, but incorporate faster stuff.  Let some of the long slow stuff go. 

9/3 - 6.0 w/ 2.0 in 13:07 (6:31, 6:36)
9/3 - 1.5 walk 23:25 (15:37)
9/4 - Off
Week = 31.9

9/5 - 6.0 w/ 5k in 21:21 (6;57, 6:53, 6:52, :39)
9/6 - 7.0 (9:53) Menomonee Park w/ Dewey, Tim, and Mike
9/7 - Off
9/8 - 5.0 w/ 5 x 3:00 w/ 1:30 jog
9/9 - 6.0 (9:05)
9/10 - 5.5 w/ 3.15 in 20:46 (6:35, 6:40, 6:36, :55)

Major kudos to my pals Andrea 17:24 and Dean 17:39 finishes at the Lost Souls 100km this morning.  They needed to break 21:00 to qualify for Western and they blew it away.  They had good wing people in Greg and Mary!  Awesome result.  Best to Greg in the 50km today.

Friday, September 2, 2016

The Music Man

So what's 8 months between post?  I noticed my hardy band of followers has been reduced from 13 to 11.  Kind of a small number for a marketing major. 

I'm still out here putting in a few miles.  I have Al's Run (8k) on September 17th.  This is a team race for me.  We've been competing for years and it is one of my favorites.  We have a big picnic afterwards up at Ryan's.  It's really the only time I see this crew every year.  Good times!  I ran 31:55 last year and I'd be extremely surprised is I broke 32 this year.  New age group though so let's see how many 55-59 year olds are still hoofing it.

I turn around and 3 weeks later I'm signed up for the Glacial Trail 50 mile.  I've never done the 50 mile there.  It will be a quasi survival/Art Vandelay effort.  There are a lot more good intentions up front, but about the time you get near event time it's more The Music Man theme except your conning yourself.

Here's a peak at my heroic training:

8/1 - 6.5 (10:05)
8/2 - 6.0 w/ 4 x 5:00
8/2 - 6.8 (10:09) Menomonee Park w/ Dewey, Tim, Robert, and Mike
8/3 - Off
8/4 - 6.7 (10:24) Menomonee Park w/ Dewey, Tim, and Robert
8/5 - 6.1 w/ 2.0 in 13:50 (6:46, 7:04)
8/6 - 19.6 (10:51) Mauthe Lake w/ Dewey
8/7 - Off
Total = 51.7

8/8 - 5.5 w/ 3.0 in 20:59 (6:52, 7:05, 7:02)
8/9 - 6.0 w/ 5 x 3:00
8/10 - 5.5 w/ 2.0 in 14:27 (7:09, 7:18)
8/11 - 6.0 w/ 5 x 3:00
8/11 - 6.0 (10:11) Menomonee Park w/ Dewey, Tim, and Robert
8/12 - 6.0 (9:31)
8/13 - 19.6 (12:23) Lapham Peak w/ Dean and Andrea
8/14 - Off
Total = 54.6

8/15 - 6.5 w/ 3.0 in 21:08 (7:17, 7:06, 6:45)
8/16 - 6.5 w/ 6 x 3:00
8/17 - 4.0 (10:05) Lapham Peak
8/18 - 6.0 (10:08) Menomonee Park w/ Dewey, Tim, and Robert
8/19 - Off
8/20 - 10.0 (9:37) Fox River Pkwy w/ Christine
8/21 - 7.0 (12:04)
Total = 40.0

8/22 - 4.1 walk (18:54)
8/23 - Off
8/24 - Off
8/25 - 4.0 w/ 4 x 3:00
8/26 - Off
8/27 - 17.3 (10:29) Mauthe Lake w/ Dewey
8/28 - Off
Total = 25.4

8/29 - 5.0 w/ 3.0 progression run 8.8 to 9.3 mph w/ last 400m at 10.1 mph on T-mill
8/30 - 6.0 (9:03) T-mill
8/31 - Off
9/1 - 6.9 (10:04) Menomonee Park w/ Dewey, Tim, and Robert
9/2 - 5.0 w/ 5 x 3:00
9/2 - 1.5 walk (19:11) w/ Donna and Cookie