Saturday, July 4, 2020

If you can get up and walk away

Hey folks.  Just a note I’m down in the trenches currently with the PV and until we find an alternate medication that works my running is in the toilet.  Sure I’ll still be out most days, but runs like today at 12:27 pace left me wiped out most of the day.  I’ll get out with the Menomonee Park crew here and there, but for now I’m on the unable to perform list.  I meet with the Doc on July 14th to review my biopsy results and then we will see what the best foot forward is.

In the meantime remember what I told my brother and sister today.  Never underestimate the power of the hamburger.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

When I get off this mountain

Ahh...the robin.  Gotta respect they shun bird feeders and just make it happen on their own.  Generally you see them out alone.  Hop...hop... hop and then the dagger.  They look on bewildered at other birds sucking up the free nutrition.  Heck you can even lay and egg or two in one of their nest and they are like whatever.  Let’s us know when you’re done.  We pick chunks of birds out of our stool bigger than you.  State bird here, so a touch of royalty.  Humble...very humble bird because if they weren’t they would be lobbying to be called Vince.  Ever see these guys fly?  I’m not even sure they know what they’re doing.  They don’t hold up cosmetically either.  If you get close they are all gray and crap in places.  They look like your uncle.

Been motoring around 10:30 to 12:15 pace.  In the 60+ range the past couple weeks.  Just happy to be moving along.  Get out with Big Kick a couple times a week and spread the knowledge.  From me to you man.  Usually end up discussing old tv shows and who did, or who didn’t play a certain character.  I thought Gavin MacLeod died 20 years ago.  Guess not.  Recognized him in The Sand Pebbles recently.  Made a Minooka appearance and got in 20 with Clem.  Legend.  Andrea cut it short at 10.  Deano got in a good 1:30 on the bike.  Guy looked solid as Sears.

Heading West soon with the wife for some r and r.  The $600,000 dog will go stay with the boy in Milwaukee.  Not sure about all the flowers and the garden.  If I lay a trail of cash to the house I’m sure the daughter will be happy to help.  That’s just a tiny joke Brochilies.

Ever try and explain something simple to a person that would save them time, but they have absolutely zero interest?  I’ll figure it out when I get there, or when it happens.  Okay.  The sound you are hearing is asteroids crashing off the hull of the ship.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

I miss the Earth

Big Kick was out in full force today as we mustered 7.4 miles through the cold rain.  I snuck in 50.6 miles for the week, which is about the low end of what I want to get in.  We did cover off the movie classic, "The Incredible Mr. Limpet."  Surprised 2 of the 4 of us had never heard of it.  It brings back the good days of being a kid.  It is worth a look in my opinion.

I'm seeing that races are still being cancelled or postponed through August.  Seems a bit over the top.  I can go to the grocery store, Mickey D's, or the cancer center, but running remotely out in the woods can't be figured out?  On another vein, why does everyone insist on explaining everything to me.  It's a garden...I get how it works.  Fill out this spreadsheet (that came with detailed directions)...and let's get together on a call.  Compost site...yes I know I can't get rid of construction material or old video games here.  I guess it's better than having no input. 

In the 90's I went directly to duct tape over the nipples.  I became soft.  My wife taunted me because if I knew anything about breast feeding that eventually they toughen up.  I'm not a flashy guy so I just leave it on.  Not always easy to get a good seal with hair, so I'm doing repairs a few times a week.  I'm not going to shave the area because my brain tells me that could mostly be wrong.  Vaseline stains the shirts, band-aids are completely useless, painter tape is worthless, and body-glide is too expensive.  A roll of duct tape last years though I'd be lying if it didn't occasionally confuse people about me.  What I may never understand is as often as one rips them off there is no lack of hair.  I recently saw a roll of duct tape that will last me until the end of the trail.  No flash and not overly expensive.  Tight as a vice grip, but very little residue.

One of my favorite snacks if a double hamburger and a McChicken.  That will run you $2.92.  I could eat that everyday.  Running to burn calories is a huge motivator for me and to be honest I could easily eat 5-6 sandwiches at the arches because they are tiny.  In fact as I type I just decided I'm going to go make a run.  I'll pick up tabasco sauce and a 6 pack of those nutty buddy things, you know...for the effort.

Been watching the MJ documentary series.  What's all the negative waves?  Guy wanted to win.  The people who didn't like the environment left.  He made some mistakes.  I could not imagine being in that position and not doing the same.  It's the NBA Brochiles.  Of course people are going to torch each other.  Any sport growing up meant you dealt with life.  We had apple fights as kids and the objective was to throw at the other guys head as hard as you could.  Not really any age restrictions.  You figured stuff out.  This week I was copied on a small issue via email.  I was off that day and watched as 4-5 people got involved with question after question.  I'm not a genius, but I picked up the phone, called the person at the receiving department (no idea who they were), asked 2 questions, sent an email to everyone saying what was going to happen and it was over.  No ones bombing apples at your head.  Pick up the phone and put stuff to rest.  Kind of like collecting money.  Send 20 emails or just get them on the phone and say you owe us money.  When can we expect it...Brochiles? 

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Kentucky windage

Yesterday was a rewarding exercise in that I learned the reason I run slow.  My blood counts are down considerably.  At this point in time I don't know what the overall picture is, but the good news is I am now totally going to be Joe Hendersoning it.  Back in high school I read his book, "Run Gently, Run Long" and it made sense to me.  Through the years I have trained hard at times, but always enjoyed running more when it involved nothing more than the easy freedom of movement.

I noted my bit of disappointment in only covering 60 miles a month ago on the 12 hour virtual run.  Based on what training was recently done it made no sense to wash out early.  Last week on our venture around Lake Geneva it was a bit of work for what is typically an easier pace.  I was clearly the ball and chain in my mind though it was a good run for all.  I ran less this week because of tiredness.  My though process is I would have a little more zip on Tuesday and Thursday running with the Big Kick Track Club at 10:30 pace, but it was more work than I wanted it to be.  Now I know why.  There is a little less juice in the juicy fruit.

I took Friday off.  Today I had a great run down to the trail intersection at QEK and then jumped on the Ice Age towards the old Funk road parking lot.  Along the way I remember a tale told to me by a legendary Drake graduate of a one mile trail that goes up over the muscle ridge and circles back.  I keenly investigated and made all the proper navigation moves to get back.  There wasn't a soul out there.  Only the occasional  flaking of spring tree buds wafting down on me.  I did spook a big doe.  Evidently she saw the size of me lumbering down the trail in my $25 dollar pair of Avia shoes from Walmart and wanted no part of that.  Sound wisdom.  I have chucks of deer in my stool bigger than her.  Eventually one pours out near the bugline and after a few add on segments I completed 11.1 miles in 2:04:51.

That's the plan for now.  Just jog with what the day gives me.  Save some for tomorrow.  Learn to just make time disappear.  "You going huntin'?"  "Only if'n I lose something."

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Two pounds of bacon and bread crumbs

About a month ago I took part in a virtual race.  How many complete 5 mile loops could one do in 12 hours.  I shot for 14 loops and managed 12.  It was a good experience.  It just was not my day.  Every time back you checked in on Zoom, took a picture of the watch face (for me) and emailed that in, and updated the information on the platform.  Then when acknowledged you headed back out.  My son helped so that saved time.  Those 12 loops took 10:49:42 in a time frame of 11:27.  I did not have enough time to complete another loop.  Dean and Clem came over on their bikes to check on me, and Robert who ran a 50k that morning came over and put in about 3 miles to see how I was doing.  It was good to have visitors for sure.  I was in the tank 25-40 miles into the thing.  It was very windy out, so I switched to running multiple out and backs were there was less wind.  The 20-25 mile winds gave me an ear ache that took a day or so to go away.  I forgot how painful those can be.

After a couple real easy weeks and slight pain I managed to get back to running again.  Last week I managed 57.9 and this week I hit 67.2.  Saturday, May 9th I was invited to run around Lake Geneva.  A beautiful run just short of 22 miles.  Joel, Christine, Robert and myself ran the complete shoreline route which literally goes through everyone's backyard.  The running surface changes for the most part every yard.  Concrete, patio circles, brick, stone, wood chips, etc.  Just outstanding lake homes, one after the other.  Then there are the impressive lake views.  I really enjoyed this adventure.  I timed it at 21.9 miles in 3:56:20.  Anytime we came to a complete stop I stopped my watch, but everything else was timed.  I'm guessing we walked no more than about a half mile or so, or at least me.  I did stop the watch when we walked up to the gas station in William's Bay.

Stop at Frank's for hot dogs.  Guy used to be 370 so he knows his way around a good dog.  He's half of that now.  His best time around the lake is 5:30.  Fries real good and not because we were half starved.  It snowed here Friday.  About 40 and rain right now.  I think my wife and I discuss everyday about when we are moving.  No matter.  Weren't no Grizz left anyway.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Feed him when you can

With Ice Age and the Big Hill Bonk moving to the fall, it will be a packed format with 4 races in 6 weeks.  I had just finished my last long training run when the news came from all venues that things will be on hold awhile.  March still ended up decent with 330 miles.  I woke up in the middle of the night and penned a training format that is still on my desk.  I was going to do a big write up on the methodology, but I’m going to muddle through it and make adjustments as I put it to practice.

The main construct comes from the Kenny Moore idea of 2 easy days followed by 1 hard day.  I laid that out and so every 3 week cycle allows 7 hard days.  I adjusted the schedule in a manner that suits me, which means it starts on a Monday with the first hard day is a Tuesday.  Plugging in the hard days yielded 3 short and fast tempo run days, 2 days of hard race pace effort (Ice Age level) at 1:30 and a 2:00 hour duration and 2 long runs of 3 hours and 5 hours.  Once I started filling it out I could see a lot of resemblance to the 3 week cycles Mr. Kevin Beck uses.  This reminded me that all the easy days were not just jogging around, but a fair amount of solid moderate efforts.  I did not want to do a lot of 10-12 milers on the easier days, so I decided to break many of those efforts into 2 a days because I’m old.  Still wanting to keep things honest my thought was to incorporate Ingrid Kristiansen type training which in short was 45 minute efforts at high aerobic effort.  The idea is you get used to running faster and the 45 minute range helps you from digging into the reserves.

Now there is no way to stay motivated for 5-6 months of this, so I am in tinker mode.  I’ll maintain the format, but not get too rigid the next couple months.  So far so good.  Some days when tired I just run super easy in between hard days.  Other days I do in between hard days I practice the high aerobic stuff.  My main focus now is Ice Age on September 26.  My main concern is my right knee.  I twisted it about 6-7 years ago on the IA trail.  It has shown sharp pains since, but they are regular now.  Especially when running uphill.  Not enough to fret yet, but I have to figure this out.  After I finish my first 3 week cycle I’ll post the results.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Without the use of flint or tinder

I have completed 3 months of training for the Big Hill Bonk.  The goal was to pile up some mileage, primarily to see if my body could tolerate the constant time on feet.  There were issues and the thought process was to try and figure them out.  December was a break in month of 404.7, followed by a solid January of 426.3, and I finished February with 451.7 miles.  This represents the biggest block of miles I have ever far.  I say run.  There was a far bit of walking parsed through there to get familiar with the backyard concept.  As mentioned before, practicing for this format means a lot of slow moving so you basically run out of having anymore time to run when one is on there feet an average of three hours per day.

The process did make me faster.  I ran John Dick in just under 4:41 on snow and finished 10th overall.  That's primarily on 10:30 to 13:30 minute miles in training.  Much was on tougher terrain than normal so I'm sure good strength training was taking place.  My goal was to not worry about pace at all and just get in around 100 mile weeks.  One real positive was I shuffled the shoe supports around enough as to were my right hip and back pain all but went away.  As any winter running and mileage boosts begins happening you do have to watch other niggles that pop up.  I have some of those, but nothing enough to prevent days of training.

At 4:27pm on February 28th I began my first of 10 loops of a distance of 4.3 miles in an hour.  I finished at 2:20am on the morning of February 29th.  I used the Backyard format of leaving right on the beginning of the next hour.  I made the distance 4.3 because it was all run on the road and also because 43 miles sounded like a long ways.  The times churned out were 52:55, 54:20, 53:33, 53:25, 52:28, 53:00, 51:57, 51:17, 51:58, 53:10.  I did not run with a light so it was dark after the first 2 loops.  It appears the running by feel had me running a bit hotter.  I also think at some point as one tires they automatically speed up to compensate for the tiredness.  That wasn't necessary, but I just let it go.  It was not that difficult except for the fact that in the last couple loops my lower back was shot.  So much so that I'll have to consider doing something, but I'm not sure what.  I covered 14 miles today on 2 seperate runs with no back pain.  That is good news.  I have a couple more ideas which means I may have to do another test, but certainly not 10 loops.

The event is 33 days away.  As a prolific eater I'll have to keep an eye on things.  I am already down from 4 cups of coffee to a half cup.  I do substitute decaf.  Some say that is no good either.  Neither are the bags of chocolate, or cola.  Look...I'm cutting out the caffienated coffee.  Get off me.  This ain't no coon hunt. 

How cool is it that Molly Seidel from Hartland (originally) were we live is on the Olympic team?  Watched her race once or twice here when she was a kid.  Congrats to her.  She deserves it.