Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Riding the clutch

The past week I can't help notice that folks jog by me looking as if they felt like getting a few miles in.  They have all the appropriate gear on.  Not super lean and mean, but they are getting in some aerobic work on a regular basis.  Problem is I am running and it perplexes me.  The Nova SS days with a 396 are forever gone.  I have the straight 250.

I banged out 11 today at a moderate effort and it yielded 8:51 pace.  The days I could stand on my head and spit nickels and run a couple minutes...heck one minute a mile faster have been hidden forever.  Jammed in some place I'll never reach, tighter than a thumb up a pigs nose.  I guess part of the reason I run ultras is piling up miles is useful if you want to quasi compete at 50 miles.  I know I can only expect modest times and that's okay.  At least I feel like I'm doing the homework.

Also, I never had 396 like wheels...ever.  But the comparison is real.  All in a perfectly legal and binding sense.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

0 for 3

As this week progressed, I was feeling relatively decent.  I took Friday off from work and after looking at the mile tally realized a single 6.3 mile day would provide a needed break.  I ventured up to the Emerald parking lot and got on the Ice Age trail.  The trail was a bit slippy and a tad overgrown.  Not to mention it gets hilly up there.  The mothership took a beating that day.  I, to paraphrase Harold Abrams, "...don't run to take beatings!"  Dang and the flies were brutal.  Good thing I was wrapped up in the hoody and skull lid.  Freaking beat.  I was space trucking about 11-12 minute miles.

Saturday dawned and I was meeting Dewey for 15 at Nashotah.  I probably needed a break, but after a half pot of coffee I was back in action and ready to go.  We kept the pace honest and I felt good through the day.  Happy to report the 10 at Minooka on Sunday wasn't bad either.  Decent week.  Just trying to pile a few miles up a bit at a time.  It's hard to exercise caution when you are a running bum.  No real need to get too excited about posting times nobody looks at that far down the page.  Somehow this makes sense to me and so I overlook dings and dents to the body.  There are no stars on a potato farm.

I ran into a guy at the grocery store wearing an Al's Run t-shirt and I commented on it as I had one on as well.  He was pumped up and told me he wants to get one more in this year.  He will be 89.  Forget what I know.  This guy is a natural born world shaker.

6/26am 5.6 (8:45) road, pm 5.6 (8:39) road
6/27am 5.8 (9:23) road, pm 6.7 (9:44) trail w/ Dewey, Tim, Robert
6/28am 8.0 (8:55) road, pm 5.0 (9:31) road
6/29am 6.0 (9:19) road, pm 6.0 (9:28) road
6/30am 6.3 (11:27) trail
7/1am 15.0 (10:07) trail w/ Dewey
7/2am 10.2 (10:39) trail w/ Sharon, Andrea, Clem, and Dean
Total 80.2

Seven runs with extra duds.  One old guy who motivated me.  One chocolate cake...gone.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Stage Left

I hit my goal for June and posted 301.3 miles.  It is my first 300 mile month since January, 2015.  I also see it is my first 300 month June since 1978, but I don't have a few early '80s log books handy.  Regardless it has been a while for a nice June.  I typically take a little break after Ice Age, but since I really can't cut the mustard any longer it's nice to at least lick the jar.  I'm not really following any plan, just out battling the deer flies.  Perhaps the body will catch on to what is going on and decide to make the trip with what the memory perceives should be happening.

I decided against running the firecracker four.  I'm not up to the production.  It'll be a good day to go race myself and spark up the grill early.  Probably have the kids come over, along with the Mom in law.  Blaze out some wings and burgers as big as your head.  I might even buy a chocolate cake with chocolate icing because I can.  We'll play jarts and dominoes and have a big old time.  I'll be asleep by 8:30pm.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

If I spring a leak

The pursuit of miles is sometimes easier than sticking to a regimented plan.  Free wheeling and tossing in workouts here and there might not be the most pin point way to achieve above average hopscotch results, but piling up mileage just for the sake of filling up a training log is effective.  I put in twelve workouts this week and I feel like I am already making strides in my recovery rate.  Now some days I am knackered.  I will generally run through those as that's part of the process.  Other days common sense has to kick in and I take a break from another run.  The key for working stiffs is to hold an ace up the sleeve and time it at a moment when worlds collide.  The same can be said for family stuff, etc.  That is why several times a week I have to visualize the 10CC song, "Big boys don't cry, big boys don't cry."  And out the door I go.  Speaking of which, I am on the road a bunch and if I want to get say 6-7 in it will be an out and back.  Which I love because when I turn for the barn the run in my mind is forensically over.

6/19 am 5.4 (9:00) roads, pm 6.6 (9:10) roads
6/20 am 5.6 (8:24) 10 strides and 1m in 6:30 roads, pm 6.6 (8:33) roads
6/21 am 5.6 (8:06) roads, pm 6.4 (8:51) roads
6/22 am 6.0 (9:45) roads
6/23 am 5.5 (9:35) roads, pm 6.3 (9:22) roads
6/24 am 9.3 (9:42) Nashotah trails
6/25 am 9.1 w/ Frebeka 5 mile in 34:22 (6:52) w/u & c/d w/ Dewey, pm 4.6 (9:47) roads
Total 77.0

Also managed seven runs in the hood jersey and winter cap.  My wife says I'm retarded.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

54 - 40 or fight

I'd call it a good week.  A couple decent workouts mixed in with a little distance at end of the week.

6/12 AM - 5.2 (8:56) road
6/12 PM - 6.2 w/ Moneghetti fartlek 2.82 (7:06) road
6/13 AM - 5.2 (9:08) road
6/13 PM - 5.3 (9:27) road
6/14 AM - 5.2 (9:16) road
6/14 PM - 6.6 (8:20) w/ 6 x 2:00 w/ 1:30 jog, road
6/15 AM - 5.2 (9:02) road
6/16 AM - 10.2 (8:51) road
6/17 AM - 14.0 (9:20) road
6/18 AM - 10.2 (11:10) Minooka trails w/ Clem and Dean
Total = 73.3

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Havlichek stole the ball

So I've been out power jogging around in a winter cap and a hood jersey.  Because of the high amount of deer flies this has turned into an excellent idea.  I never notice them, but once finished and I peel the clothes off they are on me like a German Shepard on a rib roast.  Hopefully I'm getting some heat training benefit for the 5 mile race in 11 days.

Saw a guy (kid) I know who is now 34.  Told me he started running in April.  He's running 2 miles most mornings and now evenings.  Told me he just ran 5:58 for one of the miles that week.  He's 6' easy and 195...because I asked him.  I told him that's awesome and he'd kick my rear end which he's not buying.  Seriously he would crush me.  I said all this to say; he was never a runner.  Anyone with a modicum of talent can run.  I forgot what that was like.  Put on the shoes and start twinkle toeing immediately.  It takes me 2 miles easy to bust the rust off.  It doesn't matter what you do the stiffness, dings, and general malaise is ever present.  Two months ago on the trail I twisted my knee a hair and the pain is still there.  Never got worse and never became better.  It's is just there Bro.  Not enough to curb any effort, but start banging up steps 2 at a time and it gets PO'd.

To get faster years ago the idea was more miles.  You get older and it seems to be less miles and more speed.  I'm not buying into that for me.  It's more miles and more speed.  The idea that some of us would at older ages decide to run more miles seems comical.  I mean to average 10-15 miles a day takes time now-a-days.  There's no 10 miler in 65-70 minutes.  I also can't get out of bed and Shirley Temple down the road in 10 minutes.  I'm lucky to get out the door in under an hour.  It can be an act of selfishness.  People around you pick up that your in zero mode to do much of anything else until the run is completed.  There is little middle ground and my main job is keep the wife as happy as possible.  She has zero interest in running which in a way is better than you may think.  I have no business going into these running worm holes, but little else interests me in my free time for now.  Again...all this to be mediocre doesn't seem to add up, but I can't seem to give up the ghost.

Oh and I did sign up for the 55th annual JFK 50 mile.  Ran it in 2000.  It is a great event.  I'm going down to race.  Whatever that means.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

South of the Picketwire

I managed to get in 70 miles this week.  Was not as easy as I thought it would be, yet I stay highly motivated.  Not so much for any world shaking, but that I can still get out into open spaces and glide over gravel and ponder the act itself.  When I awake at night, why is it my brain contemplates running equations and potential workouts?  One thing I've decided is this summer is about doubles.  Hopefully about 4 a week.  I laid out a potential list of races as such:

6/25 Frebeka 5
7/4 Firecracker 4
7/30 Cudahy 10 mile
8/26 Strider Half
9/16 Al's Run 8k
10/8 Glacial Trail 50K
11/18 JFK 50 mile

I was reading Charlie Spedding's training from London to Olympic '84 marathons on Bob Hodge's site and liked the openness of it.  Real life stuff happened, he ran hard, he trained through races, and he slotted in what he needed.  I looked back and the last time I reached 300 miles in a month was January of 2015.  What?!  How we slowly fade into the mantra of common results.  I've tired of giving into what I should be doing.  I'm going to get a few swings in before I lay it down.

Running highlights from the week:

- Talk to Beaner from CC team at SRU and he ran 2:54 last week at 55.  He beat his age!
- Clem mention this today about someone and I asked how old he was when he ran 2:32.  He was 36.  He's in the club and didn't know it.  From me to you man. 
- Received a 20+ mph high five from Dan Held (2:13:50 Boston '94?) as he blew by me on his bike.

I'm running most morning workouts in a hood jersey and a stocking cap.  Get off me...going to see if Durden was right, but probably skip the bottoms and gloves.

I never enjoyed this Bob Seger guys music.  Stuff like this comes on the radio and I turn it off.  Eagles, Elton John, and are you kidding me....Styx?  No interest.  You might as well take me to a Hall & Oates concert.  I'll drive 5 hours and not even turn the radio on.  I'd let a few Molly Hatchet songs go through, but they don't play that on the old stuff radio.  Foreigner?  I'd rather hear Jethro Tull or the freakin' Turtles before REO Speedwagon and please not Genesis.  It's pretty sad that I'd rather hear the Bee Gee's or KC and the Sunshine Band in this day and age. 

6/5 AM = 5.0 (9:36) road
6/5 PM = 5.0 (9:00) road
6/6 AM = 5.1 (9:07) road
6/6 PM = 7.6 (10:10) trail Men. Park w/ Dewey and Tim
6/7 AM = 10.0 (9:16) road
6/8 AM = 5.0 (8:40) road
6/8 PM = 5.3 (8:22) w/ 8 x 1:00 w/ 1:00 jog road
6/9 AM = 5.0 (9:21) road
6/9 PM = 4.0 (9:15) road
6/10 AM = 8.0 (9:09) road and trail
6/11 AM = 10.0 w/ Barry and Clem at Minooka trails
Total = 70.0