Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Book it Danno

This was a really good year for me.  I ran more miles than I have in eons (2,760) and I ran in quite a few events.

January 3rd - Fat Ass 50K  (Lagrange, WI)
February 7th - John Dick 50K  (North Prairie, WI)
March 20th - Syllamo 50K  (Mountain View, AR)
March 21st - Syllamo 50 Mile  (Mountain View, AR)
March 22nd - Syllamo 20K  (Mountain View, AR)
May 9th - Ice Age 50 Mile  (Lagrange, WI)
July 4th - Ellwood City Ledger 10K  (Ellwood City, PA)
September 19th - Al's Run 8K  (Milwaukee, WI)
October 4th - Lakefront Marathon  (Milwaukee, WI)
October 11th - Glacial Trail 50K  (Greenbush, WI)
December 26th - Fat Ass 50K  (Lagrange, WI)

I think seven ultras in one year is a record for me.

I also keep track of who I run with on training runs.  Thirty-three different folks made the list.  Here are the top ten:

1.  Dewey Staehler - 33
2 . Tim Cummens - 20
3.  Andy Klapperich - 14
4.  Clement Grum - 12
     Andrea Poulton - 12
     Dean Klinger - 12
7.  Ron Bero - 7
8.  Joel Lammers - 4
9.  Kevin Grabowski - 3
     Fran Fraundorf - 3

Looking forward to 2016.  Hope your are as well.
Happy New Year!
The Paint King

Saturday, November 7, 2015


I have wrestled with the idea of going to Boston to race, or go and Will Farrell it.  Every day for the past month I have thought about it.  On one hand I always run the Ice Age 50m and it is a short 26 days after Boston.  I can't train specifically for both, especially when the goal at Boston would be to break 3 hours on the chip time.  Now having trained and ran Lakefront on October 4th; then coming back on October 11th and running the Glacial 50k...well...I am tired.

10/4 = Lakefront Marathon
10/5 = OFF
10/6 = 5.0 (9:07)
10/7 = 5.0 (8:51)
10/8 = OFF
10/9 = 3.0 (8:48)
10/10 = 2.0 (9:24)
10/11 = Glacial 50k 4:46 (2:14/2:32)

10/12 - 10/18 = 21.7
10/19 - 10/25 = 41.6
10/26 - 11/1   = 53.8
11/2 - 11/8     = About 63.0 after Sunday run

I determined Friday I am going to Boston and trying to go sub 3.  I'm going to have to start preparing soon in my eyes because I have to improve 16 seconds a mile pace wise.  That's 4 seconds every quarter mile which seems substantial.  I pondered getting a coach.  I looked at several web pages of coaches ranging from people I know to people everyone knows.  For fun (at least in my head) the thought of turning over the car keys to another runner who would like the project of training me seemed reasonable...and well just something to do.  But who would want to bother giving me training advice?  People have enough stuff to do already.  I really enjoy the challenge of training me, but someone else might weave the magic a bit better.  I'm going to leave this option open a couple more weeks.  There is really nothing in it for the prospective coach other than the satisfaction of going Chief Jay Strongbow on me.  Any prospects willing to call shotgun?

BTW...50th place in the Men's 50-54 Age Group at Boston last year ran a 2:58:05.

Friday, October 16, 2015


9/21 = OFF
9/22 = 6.0 (10:16)
9/23 = 4.0 (9:55)
9/24 = 7.5 w/ 6 x 880y
9/25 = 5.5 (8:57)
9/26 = 4.0 (9:21)
9/27 = 11.0 (9:04)
9/28 = 3.0 (9:34)
9/29 = 3.0 (8:57)
9/30 = 5.5 w/ 2.0 in 13:37 (6:42, 6:55)
10/1 = 3.5 (9:28)
10/2 = OFF
10/3 = 2.0 (9:51)

10/4 = Lakefront Marathon 3:06:15 Splits 1:33:59/1:32:16

Sunday, September 20, 2015

We stamp that stuff in patties

Two weeks out from Lakefront.  Things are better since my last post.  A bit of rest and an easier week has helped the cause.  I was able to complete my 30K marathon pace effort on the track last week.  I enlisted Pski to call out splits, hand me stuff, and keep track of the laps.  We did this workout together 15 years ago so he knows how important it is and how difficult at the end of a training cycle.  I was pleased with how it went and I split the 10K segments 44:45, 44:38, 43:54 which works out to 7:09 pace.  It was a cool 46 degrees at the start and it made this effort easier than the 20K and 25K in that regard. 

This weekend was Al's Run 8k which I was on team Hillrunner.  Always a good time seeing the crew and thanks to Ryan for organizing the event and hosting a big feed up at his place after.  Most of us put on a clinic when it came to chowing.  Before the race I punched a 3:07 marathon into the race conversion calculator and it said I should be able to run an 8K in 32:05 so going sub 32:00 was my goal.  The first mile is the fastest and has a nice net downhill.  I made my mind up I was going to go out conservative and get the pummies flowing.  The second mile has the most net uphill and is typically 20 seconds slower than the first mile.  I went out in 6:37 and was totally aerobic.  I just stayed after it the second mile and ran a 6:38 (13:15).  It flattens out the third mile and I wanted to find my flojo which eventually I did as I saw 2 people I know coming back to me.  You drop down a short hill at the end of three miles and I was able to enjoy a 6:30 (19:45) without feeling gassed.  Now your down by the lakeshore and it is a long flat grind to the finish.  The cooler temps kept me from feeling fried and I made it a point to catch people through a sustained effort.  I did see one of my teammates ahead and it inspired me to dial it up a bit and a 6:17 (26:02) narrowed the gap.  I'm still feeling decent so I just went to race mode and ran a 5:53 for the last 0.97 miles and finished in 31:55.  I am happy with this result.

9/6 - 10.0 (7:56) moderate
9/7 - 12.0 (8:57) moderate/humid
9/8 -  9.0 w/ 8 x 880y w/ 440y jog
9/9 -  6.0 (9:24) easy
9/10 - 10.0 (8:05) moderate
9/11 -  6.0 (7:43) moderate (54th B-day)
9/12 -  6.0 (9:15) easy
9/13 - 21.1 w/ 30K MP 2:13:17 (7:09)
9/14 - OFF
9/15 -  5.0 (9:46) easy
9/16 -  7.0 w/ 9 x 20/40s (2 sets)
9/17 -  6.0 (9:02) easy
9/18 -  4.0 (9:39) easy
9/19 -  7.1 w/ Al's Run 8k in 31:55 (6:25)
9/20 - 17.0 (8:04) moderate

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Two balloons

Let me start by giving a shout out to Marion College Legend Jerry Cameron for having 1,921 miles in by the end of August.  Of course the first thing I did was add up my totals and I am at 1,907 through then.  Pack a lunch Jerry!  It will be fun being your teammate again this September 19th.

Things have been rounding off well and then after a phlebotomy on Tuesday I have been in the tank.  Nothing there through today as I struggled through 5 miles.  It's like I am in the apocalypse.  I have a sense of what's going on, but I'm looking through the bottom of a coke bottle.  Like stepping into a Pink Floyd song.  For those of us who have run for decades the aging part can be challenging.  I accept whatever I have is what I have.  However you get these teaser days or weeks when you feel like you have somehow beat the system.  Natural born world shaker.  Top of the world Ma!  It ain't have to roll with it and hope you catch a tasty one on the way in on race day.

And that is basically the best I can explain it.  Not trying to be the dream crusher, in fact the opposite.  The flashes of still be able to drive to the hole can be uplifting.  I am happy I still have the desire to get out there and see if I can get a little fire going. 

8/30 - 11.0 (10:42) Minooka w/ Clem, Andy, Dean & Andrea
8/31 - 12.5 w/ 9.0 (7:09)
9/1   -   4.1 (10:27) Menomonee Park w/ Dewey
9/2   - 10.1 (8:27) Died last half
9/3   - 22.0 (8:55) Started before 4am...not fun
9/4   -   6.3 (9:48) Easy
9/5   -   5.0 (10:09) Beat

One last big training week left.  My weight has been up, so I am going to have to keep and eye on that.  I have been sleeping, but not as soundly.  I guess just a crap week.  There's no stars on a potato farm.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

...ain't got a bone in his jelly back

I'm meeting more runners on the Bugline lately.  I've chatted with a few and they are running Lakefront.  It was rainy today and I got a late start at 9am.  It wasn't going to clear up so I got going.  I must have saw a good 20+ runners today and zero bikes.  I am usually out at 6-7am so it appears most people get a later start.  Plus we were out for a retirement dinner last night and I slept in a bit.  You like Junior Mints?  Man I went comanche on 2-4 ounce boxes before bed.  Nothing like a good sugar coma to put you out.

I have 15 more training days and then the 3 week taper.  I'm really considering running Al's Run 8k.  It would come 6 days after my 30k MP run.  I always liked a good barn burner to get the racing vibes going.  Not sure I could break 32:00, but that would be my goal.  I'm not feeling particularly fast, but fairly fit.  I have not been watching the weight, but I did check in yesterday at 170 even which is good.  If I could get around 168 that would work.  Then with the taper I would probably get up around 172.  That was good enough at Lakefront 15 years ago, so it should be now.

8/24 - OFF
8/25 - 6.0 (9:21) easy
8/26 - 8.0 (9:02) easy
8/27 - 10.0 (7:50) moderate
8/28 - 10.5 w/ 5 x 1 mile (6:42, 6:28, 6:30, 6:32, 6:31)
8/29 - 10.5 (7:37) moderate

Lakefront has expanded to a field of 3,500 for the 35th anniversary.  I looked at the top 5 for the 50-54 age group last year and the times were 2:58:38, 2:58:50, 3:03:37, 3:07:19, 3:13:17.   On a very good day I might be that 3:07:19 guy.  The time for the 100th finisher was 3:12:20. I'm in here looking at results the stats for 2013 top 5 were 2:54:10, 2:59:08, 3:04:11, 3:14:47, 3:19:03 and the 100th finisher was 3:12:08.  My friend Rick (2-time overall champ) was 3rd both years in the age group.  Looks like some pretty solid runners show up.  As I will be 55 next year I'm sure the same routine might be tried again.  I'm on my way to get a Cousin's Roast Beef & Cheddar Sub.  Big guys in two's little guys in bunches!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

"C'est La Vie"

Lakefront is 6 weeks from today.  As planned I ran a 25K on the track at marathon pace.  For a change I felt fairly fresh.  Part of the reason is I did take a complete rest day on Friday.  I had tweaked my right hamstring (this is my achilles heel) the day before on Thursday.  I ran a moderate effort (though it was tough) w/ 10.5 miles a 7:57 pace and on the very last step when I stopped I felt that all to familiar pull.  I thought it best to get in there and break up the adhesions and give it an extra day to heal.  Turned out to be a good decision.  Also the rain did not happen as forecasted and I was able to run at 6am with overcast skies and temps in the mid 60s.  There was a bit of wind, but it actually felt refreshing.  The plan was simple; start out slower than the 20k three weeks ago and try and get in a groove.  I thought I did a fairly good job and never struggled.  My slowest miles are typically when I am trying to take in calories or fluids.  My lower legs began to stress rapidly after 20k.  I believe part of that is running in the flats which I am trying to bone up on.  Aerobically it was an effort for sure, but the main item again is getting my legs used to running in less shoe.  Here are the 5k splits: (7:10 pace)


I have one 3 week cycle left and finish off with a 30k on the track in 3 more Sundays.  Then it is the 3 week taper.  I'm going to have to keep an eye on not pushing my legs beyond what they are capable of which basically means don't decide to go Chaka Khan with the Flintstones auto all of the sudden.

8/9 - 11.0 (7:52) moderate w/ 0.5 c/d (train)
8/10 - 11.0 (7:57) moderate
8/11 - 6.1 (9:57) easy, Dewey/Tim at Menomonee Park
8/12 - 11.0 (7:58) moderate
8/13 - 23.0 (8:26) moderate
8/14 - OFF
8/15 - 8.0 (9:54) easy
8/16 - 10.0 (10:57) easy, Dean/Andrea at Minooka
8/17 - 10.0 (8:21) moderate
8/18 - 9.0 w/ 8 x 880y w/ 440y jog
8/19 - 6.5 (9:15) easy, Krista at Lapham
8/20 - 10.5 (7:57) moderate, Tweaked Right Hammy
8/21 - OFF
8/22 - 6.0 (9:54) easy
8/23 - 18.0 w/ 25k in 1:51:23 (7:10)