Friday, November 29, 2013

Pick up the pieces

T'was not long after the mini manifesto when I become incapable of running. Not sure exactly what the issue is, so let's just call it an overuse injury. It has been 11 days and I am starting to think in about another 11 days I may be able to start back up. It's funny, but when you cannot run you certainly do not feel like writing or being a part of running. Perhaps this was a reminder I only am allowed one run per day. We lost Grandma a week ago, so it was back to PA. I caught up with a lot of family. I have also stopped chewing tobacco and after 24 days have lost the physical addiction. Running twice a day and the increased posting was a result of filling time. It is like losing a friend.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Carpet Ride

The past few years I have accepted the fact I am older and the best foot forward is a steady diet of 50 mile weeks and 8 weeks at 55-65 before Ice Age. That actually looks pretty darn smart and I am glad I am me. I will run around and pontificate on how bright I am and all that matters is enjoying running for what it is and I really don't care to race anymore. This is largely true and I have tried to slide into the "live for another day" mantra, but this is hogwash. I don't want to go away quitely. I also don't want to do speedwork and stuff so I won't. Deep down...I'm not dead yet. Not even mortally wounded. So there is no plan other than attempt to run more miles and pile it on. Training plans come down to two main choices for me. The one when you are real smart. You lay out the weekly limits/workouts and embody rest. You know...all the stuff one wants to hear about absorbing the training, having something for the key workouts, blah-blah-imokyourok-blah-blah. I'm thinking more along the lines of take your vitamins and say your prayers because we have the ball game on up here. Grab your coat and get your hat because the bus is leaving. Charlie don't surf. Get out and plan and no pace requirements. Plan on being tired a lot. "Man Dehart looks he okay?" Pack a lunch.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Don't get off the boat

It takes more times than you think for this to sink in. There is a special place in the life of a runner when it is just that...running. Sure you can devise running schemes and plan big races, but when you get down to the marrow of it...those times when it just comes at you, you jump on. I can't take over someone else's body and run the crap out of it, so I am going to have to tool this model around. Every once in a while I'll feel banged up "out there" (a cold dark windy place we must all face in winter)that's really the only limitation because I think the body will let you pile on the miles as long as most of them are aerobic and you allow repair time. This will be my third week of about 10 runs a week and I am starting to come around. I almost look forward to running again just so I can pile up the miles in the log book. There are a few pains. Some odd and some because...well I run off the road so cars don't run me over, but I feel I'm getting stronger. I'm too old for all this fast pace, tempo, interval, fartlek stuff. For what ultra runners do I have to believe mileage is the best bet. Pile it up, get to a level you can hold mileage, and then gradually run those miles faster as your fitness increases. I'm not really worried about some other old coot trying to out sprint me. I'd rather grind his bones to to bake my bread so I don't have to worry about that. Of course all this would mean something if I ever raced, but thanks for reading anyway.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coffee is for closers

Pewaukee Lake from the Park 'n Ride is about 13.5 miles round trip.  I made one wrong move and it ended up around 14 miles.  I was in command most of the way, but will admit about half way around the wind was wicked in the 19F weather.  A 2:08:50 total run.  The 3 miles I can measure at the very end were 8:58, 8:47, and 8:33.  The front end is all open road for 2 miles, but manageable with very little traffic at 5 AM.  It isn't a bad run, but not much in the dark.  I will admit it seemed to go faster than a typical out and back.  A decent repertoire of hills along the way made it a run worthy of garnering a name in my log book.  Here by know as Pewaukee Lake...all in a perfectly legal and binding sense.

I planned on a PM run, but will skip this and return to my 6.3 in the AM.  The dog (Cookie) will benefit as she goes longer tomorrow.  I will be traveling to Lacrosse tomorrow and will do a PM run over there.  I have a decent route alongside 90 which is an out and back. 

I was ahead of schedule today and did not get to grease a Cousins Double Cheese Steak.  I did a Quizno's which was acceptable.  I generally go this route when traveling because if I get into a Diner I am all over the open face meatloaf and all the cool stuff that comes with it.  Don't forget the coconut cream pie Braaaaah.

Side note.  My daughter is on the HS bowling team.  There are 10 on the team.  I asked for her to give me the best three and the worst three.  She refused to do it.  Said she did not know.  Is it just me or am I the only one who has a built in ranking system for everything?  There is no governor, it just happens.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Big Boy

A good sandwich.  They still have one up in Marquette.  I usually grab two with the skinny fries and a chocolate malt.

177 pounds.  167 sounds better, but I'll have to X out the hot fudge and mashed tatters.

AM 6.3 miles (9:09 pace), PM 4.1 (9:21).  It feels faster than that.  Clock don't lie.

I will be going to bed soon.  Snail Lake vs. Dehart.  Complete domination is eminent.  The Lake has no idea I am beginning at the Park 'n Ride.  Lunch for tomorrow has already been decided.  Double Cheese Steak from Cousins.  Probably the one in Oshkosh.  I'm a regular there.  I'll crush a couple big bowls of corn flakes to hold me over.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Two Times

I have been shopping for a 100 miler.  Up in the mountains somewhere.  No time table, but in the next couple years.  The purpose is to just do it and soak it all in.  Go out with a few friends and squeeze a bit more out of that weekend than most of the free world.  Problem for now is they post times, or results for those things and I happen to glance at them.  Can't we all just get along? hard could Kettle be?  "Look at the bones Man!!"

Been running the dog in the evening.  So how fair is this?  You get to run in the dark twice a day.

Andrea showed me a cool North Face rain jacket.  I'm thinking of a splurge.  This is in light of Bero texting me this week questioning if the man he saw by 94 in the yellow K-Mart poncho was me.  It made me question how he could have possibly assumed it was me. 

Starting to get geared up for my Pewaukee Lake solo Wednesday morning.  It is cool hearing the train rumble through Pewaukee in the AM.  My next morning project is finding someone who lives like 10-20 miles away and making arrangements to meet halfway.  We just high five and turn around and head home with extreme vengeance.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Speed of lightning

I guess I have overlooked the obvious for years.  The whole enchilada for your basic first time 50 mile participant is wrapped in the long run.  People used to ask me, "What pace do you think I should run the marathon at?"  Of course I have no idea.  The way I trained for the marathon was knowing exactly what pace I could run the whole way.  That's what I trained to do.  Any advice I give for the noob 50 mile participant from now on is work the long run.

It's all in there.  Everything you need to know is in there as long as you get to 4-6 hours about 3 times.  Of course working up to that will bring lessons, but some things are out there much farther.  One tends to forget once they have gained the experience.  Let's face it, there is nothing worse than chaffing or blistering.  It can get out of hand.  You have to toughen yourself up and know where your problem spots are.

Any food advice you get is just that.  No one fuels the same, reacts the same, or places the same importance on it.  I was taught you have to take 200-250 calories per hour.  That does not work for me.  When I start thinking too much about eating...then I usually eat too much and fill bloated.  Same with drinking.  What has worked for me is I do not drink or eat anything until the first aid station at 5 miles.  From there I grab a little food at each station or grab a bar/gel from my wife to gnaw on occasionally.  The faster you go the harder it seems to get the fuel right.

Just keep in mind.  There is a buffet every 3-4 miles so why you would want to dress and pack like Inspector Gadget I have no idea.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Trader Vic's

Been enjoying running in the Pewaukee Lake area.  Did you know the lake is actually named Snail Lake?  Had no clue...good thing we have Wikipedia.  Though a portion of it can be run on the Lake Country Rec Trail, to get around it you have to run on the road.  Be willing to get all the way off. 

I did not get all the way around today, but I have learned it is not as far around as I thought.  It also appears to be a favorite of bikers and runners in the decent weather months.  There are a few hills which makes it nice.  I am considering making this my Wednesday morning adventure run.  Get up around 4 AM and make it happen.  Be something to do.  Maybe every other week.  Keep me humble.

Running has been going good.  I am attempting to not ramp up too quick.  I did 12 today and really wanted to go further, but I cut bait.  It really seemed to go by fast in the daylight hours.  I've been dogging it, but who cares?  I just enjoy being able to move around at this point.

One thing about moving is I found a cache of old T&F News.  Probably 2-3 years worth.  I am about half way through the '80 Olympic Trials Marathon article.  The back of the one guys shirt said, "The road to Moscow ends here."  There was also some debate about how 6 walkers from the USSR broke the world 50k mark (The record was like 3:44!).  One guy commented it was like seeing who could whisper the loudest.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Virgo Power

I received an email Saturday that Zach had run the Chicago 50 mile in 5:12 which is like the 9th best by an American...ever.  Congrats to Zach.  Last night I looked up to see how my friend Angela did in the T-Bunk 200 miler.  I about fell over when I saw she ran it in 57 hours for 2nd overall.  There was no question she was going to finish.  Both marks are well beyond my comprehension and I had to ask myself...which is more impressive?  I won't go into any Quick analysis because...well I'm not good at that, but it took me all of 30 seconds to select Angela's performance.  How the heck does anyone get their mind around doing something like this?  Craig set the standard here at 200 miles (then blew this away by doing 500 miles) and then created an event for others up to the challenge.  I am always amazed people rise to the occasion.  To me these are both worthy of "World Shaker" status.

I spent the weekend traveling to Ohio to watch the Horizon League Cross-Country Championships.  My friend's son was running as a Freshman for UWM and finished 14th overall to earn 2nd team all conference honors.  He did well and it was fun watching young harriers grind it out.  It brought back good memories.

It is November now.  I start to run a lot more as the conditions cool off.  No pressure, just jog around everyday and try and not get run over.