Thursday, November 14, 2013

Don't get off the boat

It takes more times than you think for this to sink in. There is a special place in the life of a runner when it is just that...running. Sure you can devise running schemes and plan big races, but when you get down to the marrow of it...those times when it just comes at you, you jump on. I can't take over someone else's body and run the crap out of it, so I am going to have to tool this model around. Every once in a while I'll feel banged up "out there" (a cold dark windy place we must all face in winter)that's really the only limitation because I think the body will let you pile on the miles as long as most of them are aerobic and you allow repair time. This will be my third week of about 10 runs a week and I am starting to come around. I almost look forward to running again just so I can pile up the miles in the log book. There are a few pains. Some odd and some because...well I run off the road so cars don't run me over, but I feel I'm getting stronger. I'm too old for all this fast pace, tempo, interval, fartlek stuff. For what ultra runners do I have to believe mileage is the best bet. Pile it up, get to a level you can hold mileage, and then gradually run those miles faster as your fitness increases. I'm not really worried about some other old coot trying to out sprint me. I'd rather grind his bones to to bake my bread so I don't have to worry about that. Of course all this would mean something if I ever raced, but thanks for reading anyway.

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