Monday, November 4, 2013

Virgo Power

I received an email Saturday that Zach had run the Chicago 50 mile in 5:12 which is like the 9th best by an American...ever.  Congrats to Zach.  Last night I looked up to see how my friend Angela did in the T-Bunk 200 miler.  I about fell over when I saw she ran it in 57 hours for 2nd overall.  There was no question she was going to finish.  Both marks are well beyond my comprehension and I had to ask myself...which is more impressive?  I won't go into any Quick analysis because...well I'm not good at that, but it took me all of 30 seconds to select Angela's performance.  How the heck does anyone get their mind around doing something like this?  Craig set the standard here at 200 miles (then blew this away by doing 500 miles) and then created an event for others up to the challenge.  I am always amazed people rise to the occasion.  To me these are both worthy of "World Shaker" status.

I spent the weekend traveling to Ohio to watch the Horizon League Cross-Country Championships.  My friend's son was running as a Freshman for UWM and finished 14th overall to earn 2nd team all conference honors.  He did well and it was fun watching young harriers grind it out.  It brought back good memories.

It is November now.  I start to run a lot more as the conditions cool off.  No pressure, just jog around everyday and try and not get run over.

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