Thursday, October 31, 2013

Muscle Shoals

I was reading an old Track & Field News from '79 which had an article on Henry Rono.  Henry had set 4 world records in '78 (3,000, steeple, 5,000 and 10,000) and was voted T&F athlete of the year.  Henry mentioned he had been running 12 miles in the AM at 6:00 pace.  I only bring this up because I was thinking of working up to 1:10 running time in the AM at 6:20 pace (ha-ha just seeing if your paying attention), or more like 8-9 pace.  Heck, Henry was doing 1:12 running time, now think about that a huge investment time? 

Of course the trick is adding more evening runs and being lucid enough to want to run on the weekends.  I have not figured that out.  And who cares really if it is only 50-60 minutes in the AM, either way it is solid running.  I think about running more in the evening, but I am no Rono or even Grubby at this point.  I am an old beat up runner from Laurel HS still just trying to rub a few sticks together to get a little fire going.  Not to mention you have to get to bed by 8:30 every night.

It is fun to think about.  Every few years I always talk to someone who wants to weave the magic again.  I think this is a common trait amongst endurance athletes.  If you can pull it all together for 6 months or so you can really wind the top up.  It is as they say...a pretty groovy place to be.

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