Saturday, October 19, 2013


It takes about 20 minutes of run time until you get the notion it was a solid idea.  This is how I look at it.  Regardless (Irregardless...I never saw the use of this word until I ran with a small posse of folks 25 years ago who preferred this must have been in their lexicon) if I know this the battle still persists in getting out the door.  For me the 20 minutes is huge, because most days if I get that far I can run 10 additional minutes and head back to the barn.  This is the crux of my whole training plan.

If I wish to start running more per week I have to trick myself into believing I can go an additional 10 minutes out (sometimes more) before turning.  I do a lot of out and backs during the week because for me when I get home it seems like the run is far greater than half over.  It doesn't make sense, but this works for me.

I take one day a week off now, but I would like to get back to 1-2 days off a month and ultimately add a few evening runs.  The motivation is I don't necessarily enjoy taking the dog much on these runs in the dark, but at the same time I am the main source of her regiment in the cooler conditions.  In the winter it would still be dark in the evening, but I could run the sidewalks in the neighborhood.

Weekends are a different story.  I rarely do 2 hours+ until January or February.  There tends to be more people training long on weekends at this point and I just hitch along and get the time in.  Every year seems a bit different for weekends, but essentially the heart of training for me is what I can get myself to do during the week.

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