Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Art Fleming and Steve Grilli

About everyday I try and remember a couple items I want to Google.  It is interesting to see what you remember compared to facts.  I commented to my wife that Alex Trebek must be at least 70 and sure enough he is 73.  For those interested he is slated to retire in 2016.  Of course I had to look up Fleming and after 10 minutes I had read more than I needed to know about Jeopardy.

As a Pirate fan it was good to see them win against Cincinnati, but I was unaware our closer Jason Grilli's Dad pitched in the Majors.  Steve Grilli toiled 4 years with the Tigers and Blue Jays.  From me to you man.

Now that Fall is here I am back training in earnest.  I will move from 35 a week back to 50-55.  Nothing planned other than the usual John Dick 50k in February as a training romp and then buckle down for Ice Age. 

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