Friday, October 4, 2013

Hot Dogs 99 cents

Now...I stop when I see these words.  It has been a long struggle finding decent franks out in the Midwest in general.  I love the chili dogs back home and more importantly they are rather inexpensive.  Chili dogs don't work out here, so I stick with the mustard and onions...except when they want like $3 bucks for one.  The Chicago dog is good I will give you that, but it is more like a sandwich experience.

Now that it has cooled off I am back to shooting for 50 miles a week.  I am back to running in the mornings which just is the better choice.  I have a little 6.3 mile loop I do in the morning during the week and I'm going to try and stretch to 10 on Wednesdays when I can,  Monday is usually the day off.  Back to just enjoying running.  Never easy getting out the door, but once the first couple miles go by there is no other place I'd rather be.

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