Thursday, October 24, 2013

Built like a car

When one runs isn't it easier to move along with the least stuff possible?  The more I look at pictures of people running even the shortest of races they seem to be carrying all kinds of stuff.  It must be like going on vacation and packing two times what you need.  People seem to be wearing hundreds of dollars of special clothing, shoes, and aids for races of a half hour.   What gives? 

I don't like carrying anything if I don't have is just more to manage.  You carry too much stuff sometimes you feel obligated to use it, drink it, eat it, whatever.  Isn't the purpose of training is seeing what you require as a necessity?  Maybe all these aids help people think it will get them through the tough times.  Training gets you through the tough times.  Know where the water is, have a few electrolytes, and grab a bit of grub along the way.  You can go a long way on that...if you train for it.


  1. Amen. The first year I ran the Voyageur 50, I saw all the gear people were packing at the start and I decided to leave behind everything I didn't absolutely need. I might've gone too far - I'm still the only person to do that race without water.

    1. Though I could not do the race without water, I did consider not carrying a bottle my second run at Voyageur. I just thought I could do it by tanking up at aid stations. Glad I did, I died again that year.