Tuesday, June 25, 2013


1.  I count almost every flight of steps I travel on.
2.  My middle name is Blair after my Grandpa.
3.  I get between 1,000 - 1,500 miles per pair of shoes.
4.  I used to keep track of how much money I found per year.
5.  $35.00 was about the biggest year
6.  I sat beside Bill Rodgers at the Wheeling 20k awards banquet in 1978.
7.  I found a dead guy once.
8.  My nickname in college was Devo.
9.  I earned an MBA from Ft. Lauderdale College and finished first in my class w/ a 3.93.
10.  Several friends call me Herb or Duey.
11.  I won my first 2 mile race ever as a sophomore in HS.
12.  I won a Cleveland Indians trivia contest in HS at a sporting goods store worth $25.
13.  I played the game Defender for 17 consecutive hours in college on .25 cents before they closed.
14.  My brother and I tied for first in the mile in HS versus Union HS.
15.  I grew up trapping and loved it.
16.  I won the Frisbee championship at Slippery Rock as a senior in HS.
17.  I once missed 100 classes in a semester at college and passed.
18.  I ran my first marathon at Penn Relays in 1980.
19.  I am left handed as is my brother, but throw and bat right handed.
20.  I am from PA, my wife is from WI, and my kids were born in FL.
21.  Marc Woodcock has never beaten me in a race.
22.  I have registered under the name Wes Mantooth on several occasions.
23.  I have never ran a fast 10K.
24.  I sleep on my left side.
25.  My grandmother is 100 years old.
26.  My Dad taught me how to catch honey bees in bare hands without them stinging you.
27.  My Mom was voted most athletic in her senior class.
28.  My other grandma was Lula Bell.
29.  I have over 125,000 baseball cards.
30.  Keven Grabowski was a friend who used to have multiple records at UWRF.
31.  I once ran a road race and finished last to see what it was like.
32.  I once wore 27 t-shirts to HS.
33.  I ran my first 100 mile week in 1978.
34.  I went 2 years in college without combing my hair.
35.  I ran my fastest 8k in 27:03 at 42 years old.
36.  I don't read horiscopes or fortune cookies.
37.  I enjoy crossword puzzles.
38.  My first dogs name was Wimpy.
39.  My HS bus ran him over in his quest to bite the biggest tire.
40.  I have never worn a pair of boxers.
41.  My birthday is on 9-11.
42.  Sometimes Angela Barbara is 2 years older than me.
43.  My favorite baseball player of all-time was Roberto Clemente.
44.  I have been at the same company since 9-10-84.
45.  My parents, siblings, wife, and children all have spring birthdays.
46.  John Wayne is the greatest actor ever.
47.  My grandma's favorite president was Lyndon Johnson.
48.  I cannot roll my tongue into that cool oval thing.
49.  I once ran a year without missing a day.
50.  The girl I took to the senior prom was the state champ in the javelin and medaled in the 880.


  1. Man Great Read - with the exception of #21 gotta change that ! also Javelin throwers have great Bods - wanna see a Pic of the senior prom :)

    Bobby Orr

  2. Good to see you read stuff! Hey man, you took me to a Sox game and they won the World Series that year and you took me to the Blackhawks this year and they won the Cup. Good Karma Brohand.

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