Saturday, November 9, 2013

Trader Vic's

Been enjoying running in the Pewaukee Lake area.  Did you know the lake is actually named Snail Lake?  Had no clue...good thing we have Wikipedia.  Though a portion of it can be run on the Lake Country Rec Trail, to get around it you have to run on the road.  Be willing to get all the way off. 

I did not get all the way around today, but I have learned it is not as far around as I thought.  It also appears to be a favorite of bikers and runners in the decent weather months.  There are a few hills which makes it nice.  I am considering making this my Wednesday morning adventure run.  Get up around 4 AM and make it happen.  Be something to do.  Maybe every other week.  Keep me humble.

Running has been going good.  I am attempting to not ramp up too quick.  I did 12 today and really wanted to go further, but I cut bait.  It really seemed to go by fast in the daylight hours.  I've been dogging it, but who cares?  I just enjoy being able to move around at this point.

One thing about moving is I found a cache of old T&F News.  Probably 2-3 years worth.  I am about half way through the '80 Olympic Trials Marathon article.  The back of the one guys shirt said, "The road to Moscow ends here."  There was also some debate about how 6 walkers from the USSR broke the world 50k mark (The record was like 3:44!).  One guy commented it was like seeing who could whisper the loudest.

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