Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Big Boy

A good sandwich.  They still have one up in Marquette.  I usually grab two with the skinny fries and a chocolate malt.

177 pounds.  167 sounds better, but I'll have to X out the hot fudge and mashed tatters.

AM 6.3 miles (9:09 pace), PM 4.1 (9:21).  It feels faster than that.  Clock don't lie.

I will be going to bed soon.  Snail Lake vs. Dehart.  Complete domination is eminent.  The Lake has no idea I am beginning at the Park 'n Ride.  Lunch for tomorrow has already been decided.  Double Cheese Steak from Cousins.  Probably the one in Oshkosh.  I'm a regular there.  I'll crush a couple big bowls of corn flakes to hold me over.


  1. Ya know, double d, we have never run together. We should change that sometime.

  2. I would enjoy this. I'll do a shout out when I am ever by the Cities.