Monday, November 11, 2013

Two Times

I have been shopping for a 100 miler.  Up in the mountains somewhere.  No time table, but in the next couple years.  The purpose is to just do it and soak it all in.  Go out with a few friends and squeeze a bit more out of that weekend than most of the free world.  Problem for now is they post times, or results for those things and I happen to glance at them.  Can't we all just get along? hard could Kettle be?  "Look at the bones Man!!"

Been running the dog in the evening.  So how fair is this?  You get to run in the dark twice a day.

Andrea showed me a cool North Face rain jacket.  I'm thinking of a splurge.  This is in light of Bero texting me this week questioning if the man he saw by 94 in the yellow K-Mart poncho was me.  It made me question how he could have possibly assumed it was me. 

Starting to get geared up for my Pewaukee Lake solo Wednesday morning.  It is cool hearing the train rumble through Pewaukee in the AM.  My next morning project is finding someone who lives like 10-20 miles away and making arrangements to meet halfway.  We just high five and turn around and head home with extreme vengeance.

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