Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coffee is for closers

Pewaukee Lake from the Park 'n Ride is about 13.5 miles round trip.  I made one wrong move and it ended up around 14 miles.  I was in command most of the way, but will admit about half way around the wind was wicked in the 19F weather.  A 2:08:50 total run.  The 3 miles I can measure at the very end were 8:58, 8:47, and 8:33.  The front end is all open road for 2 miles, but manageable with very little traffic at 5 AM.  It isn't a bad run, but not much in the dark.  I will admit it seemed to go faster than a typical out and back.  A decent repertoire of hills along the way made it a run worthy of garnering a name in my log book.  Here by know as Pewaukee Lake...all in a perfectly legal and binding sense.

I planned on a PM run, but will skip this and return to my 6.3 in the AM.  The dog (Cookie) will benefit as she goes longer tomorrow.  I will be traveling to Lacrosse tomorrow and will do a PM run over there.  I have a decent route alongside 90 which is an out and back. 

I was ahead of schedule today and did not get to grease a Cousins Double Cheese Steak.  I did a Quizno's which was acceptable.  I generally go this route when traveling because if I get into a Diner I am all over the open face meatloaf and all the cool stuff that comes with it.  Don't forget the coconut cream pie Braaaaah.

Side note.  My daughter is on the HS bowling team.  There are 10 on the team.  I asked for her to give me the best three and the worst three.  She refused to do it.  Said she did not know.  Is it just me or am I the only one who has a built in ranking system for everything?  There is no governor, it just happens.

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