Saturday, September 8, 2012


Last 5k tune-up on the track this morning before Al's next Saturday.  Because of last weeks good result I tend to hedge a bit.  I hate to say it, but I ran by "feel" the first 1600m and went through in 5:53.  I figured no biggie just keep doing that, but the second 1600m was 5:59 which meant I better crack it down if I wanted to get ahead of last week.  Third 1600m in 5:50 and it was work, but I had enough to finish the last 200m in 37 which is good for me.  Final result was 18:19, so under race conditions at an 8k I should be capable of around 29:35 - 29:40.  I may do a 1600m on Tuesday at near 5:40 just to air it out a bit.  I used to do a 3200m at race pace, but need a confidence booster.  It would not surprise me if I went through the first mile at Al's in 5:40, but woulf prefer a 5:45.  You just don't know on race day because you see everyone flying out there and it is tough not to get carried away.  I'd like to get through 4 miles at 24:00 and put the hammer down, but everyone knows it's harder to do on race day then on the day your typing it in the computer.

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