Sunday, December 28, 2014

Small ball

These guys and girls tearing it up over the ultra distances have changed my mindset.  When you have people going after and running 100 miles in less than 12 hours that makes it smaller.  When I saw what was done at Ice Age this past year it redefined the way I think.  They are still primarily distance events, but maximizing speed over X amount of hours = unconscious results.  Look...Max was like 6th in the steeplchase Olympic Trials.  We are talking about people with big freaking engines.  It makes sense to me now that if you can tolerate higher mileage your going to just enhance the big engine. younger folks can dial up the speed to increase cruising pace, but older people can probably get by with hill work and tempos.  I'm not about to start running quarters or halves, but I will consider running a bunch of miles and hopefully see the pace those miles are run at come down.  At the end of the day isn't what your legs feel like?  I'm starting to think these two a day efforts have real merit.  I have experience with some of this and sure...I know this thinking has been around for decades, but every once-in-a-while you have to unwrap the bazooka bubble gum and listen to what Bazooka Joe has to say.

12/15  AM  6.4 (9:39)
12/15  PM  6.4  (9:27)
12/16  AM  6.3  (9:37)
12/16  PM  5.0 (10:26) Trails - Menomonee Park
12/17  AM  12.4 (8:43)
12/18  AM  6.0  (8:19)
12/18  PM  6.1 (10:11) Trails - Men. Park (Dewey/Tim)
12/19  AM  6.2  (9:10)
12/19  PM  4.2  (9:41) Dog
12/20  AM  16.0  (8:13)
12/21  AM  10.0  (9:57) Trails - Minooka (Andy)

12/22  AM  8.0  (9:19)
12/22  PM  5.3  (8:54)
12/23  AM  7.0  (8:56)
12/23  PM  6.1  (9:45) Trails - Men. Park (Dewey/Tim)
12/24  AM  12.3  (8:47)
12/25  AM  13.4  (8:59)
12/26  AM  6.5  (9:24)
12/27  AM  17.0  (8:42)
12/28  AM  11.4  (9:40) Trails - Minooka (Clem/Andy/Dean)

It has been a nice stretch of weather.  Once winter kicks in the good footing will expire.

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  1. Sounds like a plan. As trite as it sounds, "Find what works for you" is always good advice.