Sunday, August 2, 2015

We can rebuild him

1:29:55 for 20k splits 44:48/45:07 (7:14 mile pace)

I started warming up at 5:45am and it was already mid 70s.  I was a bit agressive (anxious) and wheeled through the first lap in 1:40.  I backed her down and went through the quickest of the 1600m in 7:02.  Did well and then just past 4 miles I grabbed two S-caps and a chunk of Power Bar and the act of forcing them down without a drink knackered me.  Past 5 miles I grabbed some gatorade and again this waxed me further as you can see with the 7:21 split.  I had to really concentrate after this and now that I look at it did a pretty fair job in the heat/humidity.  Again, it seems odd not being able to get to top gear.  I feel like I have the aerobic power, but I can't get the legs to the terminate with extreme prejudice level.

My experience is the heat cost me 10 seconds per mile.  Again, I had no business charging out like Dick's hat band, but when the dinner bell rings it is game on!  On the heart rate front it was the highest it has been in the AM at 60.  I took it for grins 9 hours after the run and it was 60.  This is a good sign.  I believe that because I have a governor on now it may be preventing me from over training as much as I like to.  Trust me, I'd go ham all the time if I thought I could get away with it.

I'm going to rest up with some easy running the next few days.  Todays pace of 7:14 is exactly what is needed to break 3:10.  I feel I have a shot at getting under 3:05, but let's be honest here...who doesn't want to go for sub 3?  I've told myself and others that the main objective is to uncover exactly what pace I can run October 4th at Lakefront and execute that.  I'm going to stick with this as it only makes sense.  It just seems like everyday I train I'm trying to will myself into a better version of me. 

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