Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Final Curtain

There is this continual notion of setting a course for a stretch of brisk workouts so one can achieve some arbitrary race time.  It does not have to be pulled out, or even mildly coaxed out.  The notion is always there and it summons itself at will.  Like auto picks for the lottery the plan to achieve the goal suddenly comes to you.  When the cycle repeats for the same goal race or distance a new plan appears.  Once, maybe twice a year I will even goes as far to write them on old school note paper, using pieces of random cardboard to create the cells.  If you have read this far then you have probably done this.  It ends with various days scribbled out, or the middle days of the week not quite filled out as one tries to determine if an additional hard workout can be inserted.  These days they can be comical as if I was ever going to top out at 85 miles a week...with three harder type workouts per week.

This series of events usually ends with I could do it if I wanted to, or even needed to.  Why would I need to?  That's the issue right there.  This other under the radar thought process keeps churning out the donuts without any rational thinking from husband Dave, work Dave, or even dog owner Dave.  I SIMPLY CAN'T SHUT THIS OFF. 

You know something.  I have friends in their sixties who only allow themselves to run X amount a week and that's it.  Many times they are folks with pretty stout performance records from the day.  It seems they know a #2 conibear is out there and have to stay on the compound.

Dave likes to run.  Dave would like to run around an hour a day 5 days a week and for 2-3 hours one other day a week.  Dave likes just running comfortably and occasionally with hombres.  Dave can go run for 4-5 hours a handful of times to be able to move through a short ultra essentially at the same pace his normal hour runs are at.  I'm okay with this.  What do we tell that other guy?

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