Saturday, September 8, 2018

Just the way you look

Signed up for the Glacial Trail 50k this October 14th.  Thought about the 50 miler, but the PF in my left foot is not allowing me to traverse that distance.  Guess I’ll have to break out the wallet and get the running inserts again.  I’m fortunate to be running.  Seems less and less of the herd is still in the game.  Was a time I thought running into my 70s would be no big deal.  Of course I thought Hogan’s Heroes would never bust apart either.

Yes I am still out jogging 10 minute miles.  This coming Saturday is Al’s Run 8k.  It’s all about the participation now.  I said uncle this year.  Maybe next year I will go the speed work route.  Then funny part is if I put in some serious Belt Buckle Bob training I would still be lucky to bone chip in under 33 minutes.

I’m 57 on September 11th.  That sounds close to 60.  I’ll be at a power plant looking at some work that came over from China.  I’ll celebrate by driving farther south into Illanese territory for the week. Lately I’ve been hammering Carne Asada for dinner.  The jalapeños have been slooping up the John B.  No matter, I put on a few Sinatra tunes in the room and call it good.  Being on the road actually motivates me to run.  I’m asleep around 8pm.  First thing in the morning I participate with black coffee, check the Pirate score, and get ready to run an hour.

Ran in MN last week.  I have a few stock places to run.  I know a few folks up there, but do a poor job alerting them in time for a run.  I may start trying to run a second time for the day if it means running with someone.  I get to where I don’t like missing the AM run.  I feel best then and trying to run at night at times is like listening to Foreigner...brutal.

Not a lot of miles, but here is the longer run notes:

7/28 15.0 (10:22) Dewey and Tim / trail and paved
8/11 25.0 (10:29) Clarky and Adam night run on Ice Age
8/25 20.0 (10:30) Dewey / Butternut back roads
9/8 18.0 (10:03) Crawford out in the Sha on paved trail

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  1. "I know a few folks up there, but do a poor job alerting them in time for a run."

    I'm ready, willing and able.