Saturday, October 20, 2018

Chris Lapp

I'll post in the near future about the Glacial 50k.  Coming back from Butler about 13 miles to go at Glacial I turned my right ankle.  I kept going and about 2 miles later away it went again.  I was defenseless.  Simply put the ankle had to plant firmly the rest of the way in.  No easy task with some of those rock fields you go through.  I was forced to slowly bumble downhill, but was able to run well on the uphill segments as there is less unknown surface tension to be had.  When the trail was good I was able to pick it up a bit.

Anyway this Friday I wanted to go out for a mile or two.  I was just jonesing to get some movement in.  About a quarter mile into it a car was coming.  It is not quite daylight so I shifted over to the other side of the road.  Problem is I still have no ability to prevent my ankle from going over again past a certain angle.  Well the other side of this rural backroad is cambered pretty well around this hilly turn and over she goes again.  That bugged the heck out of me most of the day.  That I was that stupid.

So this morning I wrapped the bad boy with duct tape and made it about 150 yards before determining I'm an idiot.  Back to the house, off came that bad idea, on came the Fleet Farm cotton sock, then completely wrapped over with the same duct tape.  Ten miles in the bank.  Splits of 58:10 and 55:04 back.  No matter.  Twern't no grizz left anyway. 

Didn't put enough dirt down.  Saw it right off.

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