Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stepping out of the 70's

I'm not sure how much of a blogger I will be.  Not a lot of expectations.  I read a few blogs and on occasion felt I might want to pontificate on a few running items.  Most of what I have learned about running is from practicing it on myself.

I have had many experiences in my running life.  Still, there is much I would like to do.  Mainly I enjoy just getting out there and getting a few miles in.  I seem to always be training, but don't always have many goal races ahead.  Most who know me understand I run about three ultras a year.  Sort of gave up the other events.  The work to run fast wasn't that appealing anymore.  Still, I get fired up to train a bit and my next event is the Voyageur 50 mile on July 30th.  The course killed me last year, so this year I want to go back and do a bit better.

Been kicking around doing Superior Sawtooth 100 mile on September 9-10.  I will be 50 on 9/11 and this event really has been on my mind lately.  I will wait to after Voyageur to make a decision.  It looks out right nasty.  My goal would be just to finish.  I have completed one 100 miler, but not to sure I can stay on my feet for approximately 30 hours.

Training wise, I have been around 50 a week.  Did an easy 18 today and would like to get over 2 hours in tomorrow.  I'd like to juice up to about 65, but like most people it looks easy with the pen and paper.

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  1. Double is blogging...

    Next thing you know, you will be wearing spandex, arm panties, and dressed like superman.

    I look forward the future posts. You have forgotten more than most of us ever knew.