Saturday, September 17, 2011

Breath deep

Well, my 10th Al's Run 8k is in the books.  Mission accomplished.  29:52.

The two weeks prior to the event I did no track work.  I figured why risk blowing something out.  I knew I would be close, but I have a good sense of pace so I went with what I thought course offered.  First mile has some downhill and I hit it in 5:47 which I knew I would give back on the hill in mile two.  Hit that in 12:01 and felt okay.  Tried to find stride and you dump down a little hill before mile three which went by in 17:57.  I hate mile four. I knew I had to push to have a chance.  I was hurting and who comes by...Ted Shue.  Four in 24:02 and I tried to not let Ted disappear.  I catch and pass him with a quarter mile to go and try to gap him to no avail.  Ted turns on the burners and roars by with 40 yards to go and I try and not let anyone else pull that.  Ted hits the finish in 29:51 for 40th overall and I 41st in 29:52.

I did pull 2nd in the age group with Jerry Husz winning the 50-54 in 26:03!  Wayne Lammers was the story of the day with an amazing 53:xx at 76 years old, easily winning the age group.  That's like a minute a mile faster than last year.

It was fun.  I did not enjoy the pain, which being an ultra runner I felt like I had snow boots on.  If I run next year, trust me there will be some faster training involved.  It was more fun than a 100 miler a looooooong stretch.


  1. Those are some fast times for the older guys! I take it Wayne Lammers is Joel's father?

  2. Nice job Double D. See you at Lapham soon...