Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This song still brings it...though not a Sabbath fan growing up, it always gets max volume when on the radio.

I am back to a morning runner.  Fifty-five minutes before work with Jamie and his dog Rosie.  Of course I bring Cookie most days, so it is a regular party.  Good to be back running with Jamie.  I usually end up running well when I get some steady AM stuff in.  This way I keep up the volume and don't do any real long runs of more than 15 over the winter.

I feel like I should be running harder, but I just like the hobby jogging thing.  Kind of nice to pick your spots and try and run healthy...especially over the fall/winter which did not happen last year.  I'd like to get to 60 a week and then get up around 70.

Three races this year, which is about average for me.  Ice Age and Voyageur and then the Al's 8k.  Still a chance I'll go and do that marathon in December.  Not sure how everyone manages all those ultras every year.  My hip carriage would cease to operate functionally.

Plan on running hard stuff next year, so I am not real excited by trying to get fast at the end of the year.  I really have to pick my spots and I'd like to have an exceptional amount of base work in prior to. 

Good luck to all at Glacial this weekend.  I have a four day weekend, so outside of painting and fishing I am going to enjoy the time down.

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