Monday, January 16, 2012

Squandered my existence

After a 253 mile December I have basically been taking it easy.  Most playing solataire, scrabble, and chewing tobacco.  Time to fire up the engine and get running before I get zotted at Ice Age.  Been struggling lately with the concept of training versus running for enjoyment.  I'm not sure there is a middle position for me.  I would still get in around 50 a week, and probably run fairly well, but the problem is acceptance.  Always one more race, or year, or milestone.

Mentioned to Brother G I like beating people and he said, "It never gets old...does it."  Truer words were never spoken...or at least text.  I don't like this about me.  I'm not a diehard anymore, but it is a challenge that keeps me going out the door.  There is a point in training were it gets hard.  Not so much during, but the before and after.  Sore, tired, and short tempered is no way to go through life and it happens around 60+ a week.  After a 45 and 36 mile week I have more energy.  I get other stuff done.  Life doesn't seemed so...vacuum packed.

I'm sure this will pass. 

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