Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Up in here

I didn't die or anything.  Been putting in about 50 a week, sometimes more.  Really been enjoying the mild winter.  Really enjoy getting out, but the weekends have been full with kid activities, so I actually run a lot less on weekends than planned.  That's okay, I run most days.  Got in 8 runs last week.

I am kind of itching for March to come around so I can start training for Ice Age.  Going to put more emphasis in hill/tempo training this year so I'm not too far back in the weeds.  It will be tough, but I want to do some of the long runs myself.

John Dick is this weekend.  The weather looks mild so a nice easy long run looks in order for the day.  Hope to see a lot of smiling faces...and chili. 

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