Tuesday, February 14, 2012

O 2 1 3 4

So I've been thinking about what happens after Ice Age.  Do one race and that's it?  Boy, The KM 100 sounds interesting again, but in a manner I would finish.  I'm going to have to sit down with the No. 2 and map out a run/walk plan from the start.  Run 12 and walk 3, run 15 and walk 5...what?  That's what I want to try, getting about 5 miles an hour.  It's tough to get a feel because even a 5 hour run practicing probably doesn't imitate the art.  Have to figure if it would be best to do shorter segments or longer ones.  Five minutes seems like a long walk at first, but 3 seems reasonable.  Of course 20/10 sounds like an easy way to keep track and get close to 5 miles an hour.  Of course, maybe you run the first three hours and then start.  One good thing is I have time to ponder it.

I would be way back there, but if you could stay reasonably fresh you'd start picking off people past the 100k.  Then if you had anything towards the end you could run the last loop in.  I don't know, something to keep this handsome Dutch guy entertained.

I've been playing 4 suit spider solataire.  I've won like 3 times in 300 hands.  I hate losing.

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  1. D2, no way you would be 'way back' there. Find that 'edge'. Staying back, keeping some in reserve can be a good strategy. If you are honest with yourself about your ability, and don't let your desires get in the way, you can run your own race and finish well, given you abilities and training. How far back? There's that fine line: the 'edge'. I know you hate losing, but the if you outrun yourself you already lose. I'll be there, crewing and pacing. It would be cool to see you do it.