Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quantitative Management

Things I consider before Ice Age are as follows:

Take the absolute minimum or it's more to manage.  Salt tabs and scratch for sure.  Those get the big check mark.  Sometimes I bring a bar which I pre-cut and perhaps a gel.  I try and avoid carrying a bottle until Hwy 12 minimum.  Take along a minimum amount of NSAIDs.  Once in awhile I'll take 400-600mg if my legs feel extra pounded and if that don't work there is probable reason more won't.

I like a crew person which is usually Donna starting at Hwy 12.  Invaluable resource for a bunch of reasons.  You can switch full bottles, you can drop or pick up clothes, you can ask for something at next station, you can re-supply if necessary, and I have her toss me a bottle of hammer gel which I hit hard and toss back on the fly.  It saves a bunch of time.  Plus they can tend to you when you finish.  Sometimes your pretty broken up and need help.

Honestly, don't doink around.  Get out there early so you can park and aren't rushed.  Set two alarms even though you'll be up before they go off.  It just makes going to sleep easier that's all.

Try hard to eat and drink at least two hours before the start.

Consider cutting caffiene out 10 days prior so when you hit it (past 30) it might have a positive boost.

Consider carbo loading.

Always review the distance between aid stations.  Make mental notes between the long ones so you don't forget to short yourself.  Tough to make up calories or hydration late into a race.

Finally.  Absolutely follow the weather.  The clothing decision is key.  More is not always better.  Get a long run in cold rainy weather so you can evaluate.

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