Sunday, February 26, 2012

Between the sound machine

Very nice day for a 14 miler w/ Brother Grub to finish the week.  I ran the exact same run yesterday, but it seemed so short today.  Good to get that one in the bank.  The first week is in:

Mon AM = 6.1 w/ Jamie and dogs
Tue AM = 6.3 w/ Jamie and dogs
Tue PM = 7.0 w/ 6 x 2:00 hill
Wed AM = 10.3 w/ Jamie and his dog
Thu AM = 5.0 w/ my dog
Thu PM = 7.5 0n golf course w/ 22:00 tempo
Fri AM = 6.4 w/ Jamie and dogs
Sat AM = 14.0
Sun AM = 14.0 w/ BG

Total = 76.6

The hardest run is getting that Wednesday AM run bumped up.  Getting up before 5:00 wears on you through the day.  Probably will switch this to a PM run at Lapham Peak whenever that thaws out.

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