Saturday, March 3, 2012

Most on earth

I'm not sure what program I'm on.  I guess it is partly mine and a combination of earthly scholars such as Beck, Setnes, and Daws.  Beck from the standpoint it is an all your eggs in one basket approach which includes three 3 week cycles with a 3 week taper.  Setnes kind of fills in the harder Tuesday through Thursday section, and Daws from the hill work and increased sharpening pace until race week.  Of course putting it together and executing it is my part. The input I bring is knowing I have to get to the trails a bunch and the ever crucial when do you push into red line range and when do you rest?

I didn't really mention long runs, but I figured everyone doing ultras knows those are a given.  I'll probably do one less really long run this time in favor of strength/speed.  I am hoping the everyday running and weekly mileage will fill in.  I am going to run the same way I have been, but am counting on the fact my cruising speed, trail miles, and familiarity with the trails/course will allow for faster running.

If I have learned one thing about Ice Age is that when I am able to catch a hot spot coming past confusion corner heading to emma carlin then this is when I run best.  This means I still have to manage the prior 33 miles.  I can't really start racing until past this point.  My feeling is because I have taken pretty good care of myself until then I can take a chance or two if need be.  Running hard to emma carlin and then back to horsemans is roughly 10 miles.  I expect to hurt like everyone else from there in and if I have to drop the bottle and just run through stations I do.

People really get out there from the start.  I know how that works, my window for a good run that way was usually tiny and involved suffering.  To me training is about eliminating as much suffering as possible.  Looks like a big crowd this year with a pile of good runners.  Those guys (gals) don't usually come back, but you never know who might blow up.  Last year was odd because there was not a lot of people to chase down.  It seemed pretty thin in my time zone.  Hoping this year there are a few more bodies to engage with.

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  1. Beck, Setnes and Daws... refreshing change from all the Hudson, Pfitzinger/Daniels and Friel, though I knew Daws. Moron, complete utter moron, though he could run. He still has the Minnesota masters mile record of 4:39; I beat him that day (I was in my 20s), but man I'd love to run that fast now!