Friday, March 30, 2012

...and 75 thousand pounds

Good race lines heard over the years:

Lennox when asked how he felt going into the race by a rival school.
"I've ran more miles than your school bus."

Phipps when someone mentioned they were gunning for him in the mile.
"Pack a lunch."

Someone mentioned conditions looked like heaven today.  Williams peeled back
and looked at John and said, "Take a good look around Johnny, that's as close
as you'll ever get."

"Hey, how did Dunbar do in the half today?"  Williams said, "Tough to tell.  He had
those water trucks behind him putting out the fire trail he was leavin'"

Warming up one guy was walking on his hands and Williams asked what he was doing.
The guy said, "Maybe I'm getting ready for the circus."  Williams said, "Your whole teams
a carnival and were going to put you out of the circus business."

Unknown from West Virginia University CC Invitational.  "How you planning on doing today?"
Guy says, "See that cone down there. Once I get around that I plan on wrapping it up because
Mom's cooking fried chicken tonight."

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