Sunday, March 4, 2012

More barn

The thing I am relearning is it is easy to consider not running.  I mean the training is good and why not take a day off.  Plenty of stuff seems to get in the way, but I have been determined to get the workouts in...and make them effective.  Just when it seems running is pointless you go out and have another good workout.  The trick is not to over work the days you don't need to.  I just try and stay on the edge.  Find a way to will yourself into the zone and get the glide going.  Regardless of what the body chemistry is telling you if you work at it good things can happen after 30 minutes.  If not, you circle around and go home...which is another reason I run out and back a lot.  I have to get home and it is a big boost when you make the turn.  It's not like the run is just half over, it's like it is 75-80% over.  Capiche?

Mon AM = 6.6 w/ Jamie and dogs.
Tue AM = 6.1 w/ Jamie and dogs.
Tue PM = 7.5 w/ 10:00 tempo and 4 x 1:25 hill hard.
Wed AM = 12.0 w/ Jamie and his dog.
Thu AM = 6.5 w/ Jamie and dogs.
Thu PM = 7.0 w/ 22:00 tempo.
Fri AM = 6.1 w/ Jamie and dogs.
Sat AM = 16.2
Sun PM = 10.0 w/ my dog.

Total 78.0

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