Monday, March 26, 2012

A dollar and a dime

I am in the middle of my Ice Age training and it has been good.  I get pretty tired by the middle of the week and Monday is s-s-s-slow.  I went out to the course this past weekend and ran without stopping the watch for pit stops to get a feel for time checks.  12 to Duffin in Young (6.9) in 59:40 and back to 12 in 55:20.  12 to Dew Dip in 37 and back in 37.  3:09 total for 22.5 miles (8:24) and I felt reasonably well.

I'll continue to get out there and take time checks.  If you haven't tried this it is a great way to gauge how your doing.  It helps in taking away the how far to go trap.  I just concentrate on getting the groove on.  It's hard to set sail in the winding areas.  I might be better off going by feel than trying to exert more effort than needed in these sections because you have to break and turn a lot.  It is advantageous to train on the course and continue to learn how to run it.  Thinking of a 32 miler there myself Saturday...probably in the meat of the course.

The past two weeks:

3/12 AM  10.4
3/13 AM  15.3
3/14 AM   6.3
3/14 PM   6.8 trails
3/15 AM   6.4
3/16 AM   6.1
3/17 AM  26.8 w/ Bro. Grub - 4 Black loops (3:55:xx) running time only
3/18 AM   7.0 trails
Total        85.1

3/19 AM   6.3
3/20 AM   6.1
3/20 PM   7.2 w/ 5 x 4:00 w/ 2:00 rest
3/21 PM  13.4 Lapham 2:01
3/22 AM   6.3
3/23 AM   6.2
3/24 AM  22.5 Ice Age 3:09
3/25 AM  12.0
Total        80.0

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  1. Where'd you go D2? You don't post for a week or two, and then 5 posts. Good stuff man, as always.