Monday, February 20, 2012

I've been to a town

Well, about 12 weeks to lift off.  Now the work starts.  I break it into 3 - 3 week cycles and 1 - 3 week taper.  I'm going to use the first cycle to get used to the training...meaning no hell bent for leather, you'll rue the day type attitude.  Them days gone braaaaaah.  Second cycle the weather should be a tad better, so can start getting in more trail miles and working the harder stuff.  The third cycle I'll try and ramp up the intensity of the harder stuff...and survive because I'll be on fumes.  It culminates with the 30-35 mile training run.  The last three weeks the miles go down, intensity stays up, and then a bit of needed rest.

I don't want to say it looks easy on paper because it is not, but once you get a few weeks in it is a chore.  If I get a bit too overwhelmed I may take an extra easy day or so.  I am glad it is here.  I have been waiting to get going.

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