Saturday, February 25, 2012

Conceived in liberty

I learned a couple new facts the past week I thought were cool.  The word with only one vowel, but this same vowel appears six times in the word.  Indivisibility.

A word in which all five vowels appear in order and only once each.  Facetious.

Also, the word facetiously has all the vowels in a row and the one consonant which sometimes acts as a vowel in a row.

I learned this info on

I learned this at the end of the Ice Age 50 mile one year when Clark Zinzow was announcing the runners coming in.  The only city with the same single vowel appearing five times is in Oconomowoc.

I was born in Butler, PA.  Well known people from there include:

Rick Santorum
Big John Studd
Bret Michaels (Poison)
Terry Hanratty (Notre Dame / Steeler) QB
Michele McDonald (Miss USA 1971)
William Perry (Secretary of defense under Clinton)

A fair amount of MLB and NFL players as well and an Olympic medalist. The only ones I knew prior were Studd, McDonald, and Hanratty.  I thought Barbara Feldon (Agent 99) was from there, but maybe she didn't make the cut.  I remember the family cheering for McDonald back when I was around 10.

Running going well.  probably post an update tomorrow after the week concludes.

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