Thursday, February 2, 2012

I and I

When I was a little kid I could fly.  In elementary school no one could catch me.  I didn't think I was different or special, but I knew I was on to something.  As you grow, go to bigger schools, on to college; you find your really just average.  Everyone can fly.  We weren't all created equal.  Some people could really cut loose.  By then it is what you do and running well involved a lot of hard work.  Sometimes you worked hard and other times you didn't.  I'm not sure what I was chasing because by then I was hooked.  I've been running since I was a little kid.  Sure I had quite a few off years during the get married, get a masters, have kids, and persue corporate dreams.  But I was still a runner.  I'd grab the shoes and go on a whim.  You feel free.  I can't explain it.  It's not like riding a bike or hiking.  It's continuous forward motion.  The benefits are unmeasurable, many of which I just took for granite because I was young.  I don't have great thoughts, figure out problems, or even think about anything...but the act of running.  I've been broken, injured, sick, and even in a few deep holes, but one thing I always wondered was...when can I start running again?  There were three times in my life I thought running might be taken from me.  I wasn't in the state of panic or was like a friend died and I had to move on.  The body is an incredible machine.  I've been able to come back and for that I am greatful.  Someday it will end, but while the stores still sell Adidas for $30 bucks a throw I'm still in.  All in and I thank God he allows me to get fired up to this day. Like a little strap them on for another day. 

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  1. What the heck man, three posts in three days? And so now your poet with those longfellow shoes.

    This was good. Really good. See you tomorrow D2. I'll be at the Aid Station sometime before noon. I will probably run a lap or two.

    You strap em on, yes, and run like you are 9 again. Go for the Hamms later, go for the gusto first.