Monday, February 6, 2012

Such are promises

Last year we held a North vs. South cross-country event at Lapham Peak in late September which comprised of racing the black loop.  In was Ron Bero's and my event to celebrate our 50th b-days.  The line of demarcation was I-94 into Milwaukee and picking up 794 straight to the Lake.  Above and your on the North and below you are on the South.  Because of the number of athletes and trying to keep everyone honest, when you finished your name was tossed into a hat for your team.  The scorers were randomly picked by Ron and myself and the collective time was added.  Low cumalative time won.  The North won fairly easy...which was Ron's team.  He has the the big title belt displayed in his office...I've seen pictures.

Forget that the South had the top two men, top three women...and the top finishing dog...we lost.  Though we did pull the top South male and dog.  This is a call for every able body on the South to get training for next year.  Ringers aren't accepted.  You have to have ran with the LPTR group 3 times, or get an exemption from Todd who incidentially runs for the North...just saying.  I believe one exemption was allowed for Troy's brother who was in town visiting from up North.  So it can happen.

Anyway, the greater Watertown area has dog pile off good runners.  These guys are thick as theives and they have a glut of top ten finishers and all their home boys from Oconomowoc, Columbus, Fox Lake, Hubertus, and whatever town they pay runners to come down and run 3 times to qualify.  The South is a tiny hamlet of well mannered runners who up to now have put up with accepting whatever crumbs fall through the grating.  This post is a call to start encouraging (all in a perfectly legal and binding sense) other highly moral athletes to consider what we are up against and join us next September.  It just feels right to take the high ground.

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