Saturday, October 18, 2014

Marathon Foddering

I signed up for the Madison Marathon.  Most of my friends have qualified for the opportunity to apply for Boston 2016.  I'm in shape so I better get it in now.  My qualifying time is 3:30 and it sounds like it is best to exceed this for the best shot at getting in.

This Sunday I ran the Glacial Trail 50k in 4:44 with splits of 2:10/2:34.  I did go out hard, but I had to see what I had.  I had a couple issues and it was good to flesh those out for future runs.  The good news is I didn't die and the distance never felt overwhelming.  Based on a decent recovery...I promptly signed up.

When I made the decision to enter Madison it also meant I would give it a good go.  Only 4 weeks after means I have to figure a few things out.  I promptly consulted w/ The Grubster and Marathon Guru Paikowski.  The take away was I am on the right track, but perhaps dial it back a bit.
Here it is since Monday:

Mon: Off
Tue AM:  3 easy (10:40)
Tue PM:  3 at 9:53, 7:45, 6:55
Wed AM:  3 at 7:36, 6:54, 7:02
Wed PM:  3 at 7:27, 7:02, 6:43
Thu AM:  3 easy (8:53)
Thu PM:  6 easy trails (9:46)
Fri: Off
Sat AM: No w/u, 7:25, 7:03, 6:53, 6:43, 6:47, 6:44, 6:48, 6:49, 6:51, 6:38.  2.0 c/d 9:31, 8:56

Saturday I learned that pace stressed my right hammy.  I can fire up the big engine, but my body is not tempered for the rigors of an all out marathon.  I will spend the next week driving down the pace on short tempo efforts.  For now my goal time is 3:10 which is 7:14 pace. 

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