Saturday, November 1, 2014

Of the motto!

A couple days ago in a dream I saw my old childhood friend...Butch Boughter.  In the dream we were adults and it has been probably close to 35 years since I have seen Butch.  My brother Bryan was there along side me.  The first thing I say to Butch is, "OF THE MOTTO!"  Then, without any hesitation Butch goes into the drill..."OOooofffFFF....ttthhhheeeee MOTTO!"  It was so hilarious I called my brother and we howled about it.  Ask me sometime and I will tell you the rest of the story.

Sun:  10.3 (10:05) easy at Minooka w/ Clem and Dean
Mon:  10.2 (8:10) Fox loop w/ Grubby
Tue:  5.0 easy (8:55)
Wed:  7.1 easy (10:29) Lapham/Ice Age w/ Bero
Thu:  Off
Fri:  4.0 w/ 1.0 in 6:35
Sat:  7.5 total, 1.75 w/u (8:22), 4.0 (6:52, 6:38, 6:36, 6:15), 1.75 c/d (8:24).

Trying not to eat myself to 180 pounds.  If I am 175 at the starting line that is a major victory.  Feeling pretty solid.  Thinking 1:36 for first half and then go from there.  That is 7:19 pace and under normal conditions I would probably go faster, but I have a feeling the cool/windy and possible wet weather may make this realistic.  I will run in my Adidas Drop Zeroes or whatever label they had when I bought them a few years back, I just know they are lighter.  All that is left at this point is a few light runs, a couple faster paced miles, and a good attitude.

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