Saturday, June 13, 2015

Commando 100

After thinking about it, I have outlined a marathon plan.  I want a system that includes hard work, but isn't over the top.  I want to get some miles in, but I need to have decent rest.  I want to race a bit and have fun, but not taper for those.  I want to get some long running in, but not enough to always wear me out.  I want to have some flexibility, so I can run with friends occasionally.  I want to incorporate speed, but not over the top.  Here is the draft:

Monday:  4-6 easy
Tuesday:  800m repeats
Wednesday:  9-11 moderate
Thursday:  4-6 easy
Friday:  9-11 moderate
Saturday:  Long run, race, or MP run
Sunday:  Off or 4-6 easy

I may switch Thursday/Friday around at times and probably other days as well.  This will probably net out to a range of 50-70 a week.  I kicked off today with 14.0 at moderate pace averaging 7:53.  I'll probably be shot tomorrow, but sometimes it shakes things loose.

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