Sunday, June 21, 2015

Open the bay doors

To the six people who read my blog regularly (as if there is much to read), I feel it is necessary to offer up an apology.  Yes...I plan to race Lakefront.  What methology and time goal I will have is not relevant.  I've come to the realization I can only bring to the day whatever the juice levels are reading.  I read a stat that 2% of current marathoners break 3 hours.  It dawned on me that an over the hill man born in Butler, PA will probably will not be one of them.  I'm going to work the balls in the machine as hard as Nick Perry did, but may not be as successful. 

This has been a somewhat difficult week because since Wednesday I have had a sore throat with a strengthening cold right behind it.  I also had 500ml of blood taken off on Thursday for my Polycythemia Vera.  When I was younger it did not seem like a big deal, but lately I need a bit more rest to feel my jovial self.

Getting out the door is not a big issue for me.  Stepping outside of myself and training me is challenging because the brain has this human highlight reel of me starring in it and doing things of great wunderment.  Butterflies are not free to fly.  Well at least not the Monarchs because it takes like three generations for them to get back down to Mexico.  Well I have managed to not be taken out by a Mack truck like some of I am into this 3rd generation.  Sometimes I feel like the late model my buddies use to work on every week just so they could roll it back to the track for another battle.

But this is all still good.  I have no running complaints.  I have an idea what fuzzy math is, but I appear to suffer from fuzzy running.  Is it me or is this lack of crystal clear clarity in running always felt as if it generated between the space between my two ears.  Is my brain getting tired?  As the brain goes so does the body.  Maybe I am depending too much on coffee.  Yes...this is the best way to explain.  In the days of past my brain basically felt like a coffee buzz and I could go rip a few nice runs.  Now those seem so far in between.

Mon = 6.5 easy (10:04)
Tue = 9.0 w/ 8 x 880y w/ .25 jog
Wed = 10.0 moderate (7:55)
Thu = 6.5 easy (9:59)
Fri = Off
Sat = 13.0 easy (9:28)
Sun = 5.0 easy (10:14)

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