Saturday, July 25, 2015

You tickle me

Is an expression Dad used when you did something contrary/different than he would.  If my brother and I had to weed the garden and Dad saw us doing it in the middle of the day, he would walk over and say, "You guys tickle me."  If he saw me skinning out an animal with gloves on he would say, "You tickle me."  I sort of forgot about this until this week I saw a guy coming in the do not enter direction at a McDonald's and I said out loud, "You tickle me."  Good stuff.

I chipped away at another week of marathon training.  I tend to zone in and stay focused so apologies to those I typically make time to run with.  If possible I'll bang out almost all of my runs in the early morning since I am up anyway.  I hate to admit it, but I have fell asleep before 8pm the last two evenings.  Weight is down to 170.5 and it really hasn't been much of a hassle.  I keep track through My Fitness Pal.  I'm fairly dedicated to using it as calorie/cardio tracking tool.  I basically live on cereal, sandwiches, soup, yogurt, banana's, and chips.  I'll eat some pasta and salads as well. 

I've been watching the heart rate.  Pretty steady.  Better than I thought.  When I was a teen I could get it down into the 30s, but after the Graves disease in '89 it rarely goes below 50.  What really stresses the body for me is the humidity.  That stuff just drains me.  Probably the same with others.  At least the early hours are much cooler.  The HR is taken when I first awake, so the number you see below is what it was before I ran that day.

7/19 - 10.5 (8:20) moderate HR59
7/20 - 11.0 w/ 7.0 tempo (7:06) HR 58
7/21 - 6.0 (10:02) easy HR 53
7/22 - 10.0 (7:52) moderate felt good HR 50
7/23 - 22.0 (8:00) moderate HR 50
7/24 - 6.0 (9:36) easy HR 55
7/25 - 8.0 (9:44) easy HR 51

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