Saturday, November 7, 2015


I have wrestled with the idea of going to Boston to race, or go and Will Farrell it.  Every day for the past month I have thought about it.  On one hand I always run the Ice Age 50m and it is a short 26 days after Boston.  I can't train specifically for both, especially when the goal at Boston would be to break 3 hours on the chip time.  Now having trained and ran Lakefront on October 4th; then coming back on October 11th and running the Glacial 50k...well...I am tired.

10/4 = Lakefront Marathon
10/5 = OFF
10/6 = 5.0 (9:07)
10/7 = 5.0 (8:51)
10/8 = OFF
10/9 = 3.0 (8:48)
10/10 = 2.0 (9:24)
10/11 = Glacial 50k 4:46 (2:14/2:32)

10/12 - 10/18 = 21.7
10/19 - 10/25 = 41.6
10/26 - 11/1   = 53.8
11/2 - 11/8     = About 63.0 after Sunday run

I determined Friday I am going to Boston and trying to go sub 3.  I'm going to have to start preparing soon in my eyes because I have to improve 16 seconds a mile pace wise.  That's 4 seconds every quarter mile which seems substantial.  I pondered getting a coach.  I looked at several web pages of coaches ranging from people I know to people everyone knows.  For fun (at least in my head) the thought of turning over the car keys to another runner who would like the project of training me seemed reasonable...and well just something to do.  But who would want to bother giving me training advice?  People have enough stuff to do already.  I really enjoy the challenge of training me, but someone else might weave the magic a bit better.  I'm going to leave this option open a couple more weeks.  There is really nothing in it for the prospective coach other than the satisfaction of going Chief Jay Strongbow on me.  Any prospects willing to call shotgun?

BTW...50th place in the Men's 50-54 Age Group at Boston last year ran a 2:58:05.

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