Monday, December 26, 2016

Dave's not here

So any way it has occurred to me that in 2009 I came up with a basic training philosophy for Ice Age.  Run consistently, run easy, and the last couple months prior do the usual long runs and throw in a hodgepodge of hill workouts to simulate the kettle.  Ah...memories.  Having had physical problems in '05, '06, and '07, I was pumped to have finally found I could run again.  Well, I pushed it too much and developed a stress fracture which means I had to skip Ice Age in '08.  I just made up my mind I was happy to run again and that is basically what I did.  I specifically remember people asking me before the '09 Ice Age race what the plan was.  There was no plan.  Just go out like it was a training run and hold the pace as long as I could.  That's exactly the way it went down and I was blown away I ran it in 7:20.  I was 47 years old.

Fast forward 8 years and as I'm looking at Ice Age 20 weeks away I'm starting to dial down my plan so I can have a shot at breaking 7:50.  Not sure why I picked this number, but that is what I honestly believe I could accomplish on a good day.  It is also a very challenging goal for me which has appeal.  I guess it wasn't enough to say break 8 hours, I had to up the ante a bit.  I also was calculating road pace, trail pace, race pace, and phantom pace on one of my runs and figured averaging 9:20 pace (7:46:40) was a good mean average over the course.

Why don't I just lay over a training plan based off what happened 8 years ago?  This isn't some fairy tale program from a book it is me.  Now granted I'm 8 years older, but back then I only ran.  I paid no attention to anything else like weight, diet, stretching, etc.  I can rebuild me...or make a few better choices and perhaps I can achieve my goal.  So, 20 weeks out I have started to lay over the weeks.  I had no way of knowing then, but I was coaching myself for the future.  Thanks coach!

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