Monday, January 2, 2017

Black Coffee

Another year in the books and I finished with 2,403.8 miles for the year.  Not bad.  Went and ran the 3 days of Syllamo for the second year in a row.  It was brutal.  I ran 12:40:23 for the 50 mile the second day and was completely trashed.  To make matters worst I got lost the last day and turned the 20k into an 18 miler, but I finished.  It was one of the harder things I have done and thanks to Robert and Steve for taking care of me and encouraging me.  Not long after our Minooka group (Clem, Andy, Dean, Andrea & myself) ran the Boston Marathon together.  A really big adventure and fun to share with family.  I didn't have too much in the way of expectations for Ice Age, but did get my 15th finish in 8:30.  I then went on to train for Al's run 8k and completely bombed.  After that about 3 weeks later I ran the Glacial 50k with Steve and just enjoyed the run.  Looking back, Ice Age was my best event for the year.

Here is the top ten list (out of 32) of who I ran with in 2016 and the primary running locations:

1. Dewey = 45 (Menomonee Park)
2. Tim = 37 (Menomonee Park)
3. Robert = 14 (Menomonee Park)
4. Dean = 12 (Minooka)
4. Andrea = 12 (Minooka)
6. Clem = 9 (Minooka)
6. Emily = 9 (Lake Country) (Daughter)
6. Christine = 9 (Fox River)
9. Andy = 8 (Minooka)
10. Bero = 7 (Funk Road)

I have really enjoyed the down/slow time from work.  Like most I have a few pounds to shed, but I am really looking forward hitting the training again.  Perhaps I will get the chance to post more in 2017.

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